Album Reviews

The third album ‘Crepuscular Dirge for the Blessed Ones’ orchestrates a high degree of professionalism that was absent in the sophomore ‘The Horizons towards Which Splendour Withers’. On the whole, the song seems perfectly fitted to the style of technical death metal. The chugging riffs along with the drums stand out which somehow makes the song sound complex.

The resulting sound of “Outer World Graves” lives up to the expectations Devoid of Thought combines the best elements of sci-fi death metal on their first studio album.

“From the Sulphur Depths” is full of heavy death metal riffs, the Italian lads have perfectly nailed a crushing sound on the sophomore effort.

Bedsore takes many influences from other bands like Atheist and Cynic., but the Italian lads have crafted their debut by merging the progressive elements of death metal with other psychedelic aspects.

Cosmic Putrefaction is somewhere in between the cosmic orbits of Tomb Mold’s album, ‘Manor of Infinite Forms’ and the semi-progression of Blood Incantation.

With Nero Di Marte’s Immoto, a swift blend of theatrical vocals, spoken word and grunts, dissonant filth and melodic pieces, post / progressive / avant-garde / dissonant / black / death / atmospheric metal in a clean and polished package is served.

Simulacrum is a mind-blowing work of art and it’s one of the best technical death metal albums which I have experienced in a very long time. FFO Nile, Suffocation, and Hour of Penance.

“The Oblivious Lure” is an average death metal record but the band has displayed their skills through music in a very convincing manner.