Devoid of Thought – Outer World Graves

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There’s a vast number of bands that embody the multiverse of cosmic-themed death metal and Devoid of Thought without a doubt is yet another tier that explores the sci-fi worlds of the unknown space. Hailing from Lombardy, Italy the quartet presents on their first studio album “Outer World Graves” an excellent definition of extraterrestrial old school technical death metal. Despite the lineup changes Devoid of Thought managed to expand on the outer space universe their songs incorporating some slow doom vibes in the tempo with the sci-fi atmosphere and monstrous deathly growls creeping throughout.

Album opener “Perennial Dream” is described as something otherworldly as it comes close to the contemporary style of Blood Incantation. The traits of death/doom metal create a terrestrial atmosphere. With creeping kind of growls and concentrated riff barrages, the quartet gives a fine example of how to utilize their instruments in different ranges. The refreshing composing of the band proves that their songwriting prowess and dexterity are exhibited in numerous tracks. However, there are wider aspects to the music from the galactic moments produced by the guitars and the slow-paced tempo of the swift drums that increase the pace gradually. 

The following track “Four Cerulean Ways” gives us a variety of death metal riffs. In an old-school technical fashion the guitars churn out enormous riffs. With such technical accuracy and cavernous growls that give a sense of foreboding, the band mixes some elements from Demilich and Tomb Mold. The mind-boggling technicality is one of the uncovered facets but the more you delve into the sonic paradigm of these Italian adepts, you’ll come across merciless savagery. Apart from the atmosphere of cosmic death/doom, the drums execute blast beats, the breakdowns are crucial and the riffs are double-edged.

The feeling of stifling darkness grows steadily as tracks such as “Effigies of a Distant Planet” convey excellent guitar segments and tremolos filled with a dreadful sense of ominousness. At times the band infuses the progressive features of Blood Incarnation and Demilich without sounding close to any of them. The apocalyptic sci-fi themes are filled to the brim here with down-tuned guitars churning uncanny rhythm the songs verge through the cosmic soundscape. There are plentiful of technical skills that shows expertise in craftsmanship. Gnarled guitar riffs and blast beats alter the tempo of the songs bringing something twisted to the table.

Alternating between old school and technical death metal, the slower pace of the drums creates an atmospheric soundscape while the air of dissonance permeates throughout the run time. The intricate work of the guitars juxtaposes the dark ominous feel setting an eerie ambiance. Swirling with otherworldly and dark guitar overtones these elements seemingly make the songs quite thrilling and while the music varies from the likes of Blood Incantation, the music circulates through the unswerving formula. The resulting sound of “Outer World Graves” lives up to the expectations where Devoid of Thought combines the best elements of sci-fi death metal. In addition, the guitar effects paint a cosmic picturesque with the deep atmosphere simulating the bleak black space the drums burst into action.

The Italian quartet appears to be fully aware of how to balance the tempos and the textured composition of the technical guitars and rhythm merge with the other elements and become integral. “Sidereal Necrosis” throws some progressive guitar touches and the stellar musicianship here is brutal and technical. The complex concoction of brutality flows very well with the guitars and the alien-styled growls. Through the organic musicianship, the track evolves into rather something more sophisticating, and the heavy guitar chugs channel cosmic forces. Eerie intergalactic sounds echo from the sonic effects that push boundaries of the atonal riffs. The drums build up intensity morphing from slow tempo to fast-paced mode, though it seems they build dramatic tone the instruments are never out of harmony. 

On the final track “Stargrave”, the otherworldly riffs swells and dance to the heavy drums bludgeoning while capturing the speed of brutal death metal, Devoid of Though utilizes slow guitar passages. With this album, the quartet opens the portals to the cosmic space bringing some of the best albums in the cosmic death metal universe. Encapsulating the heaviness of the guitars and the jangling dissonance, there are plenty of reasons to indulge in the idiosyncratic sonic motifs here. Fusing innovation and old-school death metal and technical aptitude is the band’s best formula that now seemingly becomes a hallmark of these Italian space travelers. If you are looking for a death metal trip to cosmic dismay then make sure you check out this killer release! This is highly recommended for fans of Blood Incantation, Demilich and Tomb Mold

Release Date: August 27th, 2021
Label: Everlasting Spew Records

  1. Perennial Dream
  2. Four Cereluean Ways
  3. Effigies of a Distant Planet
  4. Sidereal Necrosis
  5. Stargrave


  • Music9/10
  • Vocals/Lyrics9/10
  • Production9/10
  • Artwork9/10
  • Originality9/10
9With this album, the Italian quartet opens the portals to the cosmic space bringing some of the best albums in the cosmic death metal universe.
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