Hate – Auric Gates of Veles

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Hate initiated as a straight death metal band in 1990 at that the time the Polish metal scene was reaching to the standard measures. From all the well-known bands from Poland like Behemoth and Vader, Hate were among the frontiers of this underground metal scene as they took a major step towards extremity. Formed by the guitarist/vocalist Adam the First Sinner A.K.A Adam Buszko and drummer Mittloff. Hate introduced the brutal traits of death metal and took an aggressive approach to their music as they quickly became well known. The Polish death metal outfit released many strong outputs such as Lord is Avenger, Awakening of the Lair and Anaclasis: A Haunting Gospel of Malice & Hatred. Between the years 1998-2008 this era showed a substantial progress towards professionalism. 

Hate are often compared to their fellow mates Behemoth due to the common similarities. The fact is Hate were the first to explore their darker side, while during that time Behemoth were still known as a black metal band. They initiated to delve into the blackened sound with their 2008 album Morphosis. When the band sensed a major transformation from death metal to blackened death metal, the process towards the blackened style became clearer then. Hate‘s recent albums such as Erebos and Tremendum were attributed with the qualities of blackened death metal. 

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The newest album and the 11th in order is titled Auric Gates of Veles is an earth shattering brutal album. And it’s the first album by Hate under the banner of Metal Blade Records, the new album specifically exposes the musical evolvement as you can hear many black metal riffs. These elements are brilliantly contrasting between the ferocious compositions and the blackened riffs. The opening track Seventh Manvantara is a volatile blast maintaining the current characteristics of the general sound of the band. The devastating effect of the blast beats are topped with the roaring growls of Adam as the second track Trishkhelion kicks in vigorously. Hate have enough proficiency in songwriting were the fast paced brutality is often juxtaposing with sharp tremolo riffs. The impermeable hold on brutality shows how the band can write dynamic songs. Thematically and lyrically the album discusses the Slavic mythology, Veles is one of the Slavic gods of cattle and peasants who punishes the oath breakers with disease.   

Auric Gates of Veles continues to unmask the black metal influences to higher extend. While the drums grow louder by each moment shifting to excessive brutality, the gradual accumulation is one of the strengths in which the band is known for. Auric Gates of Veles is Hate’s most black metal sounding album to date, the band seems to infuse into the technique of black metal. The Volga’s Veins and Sovereign Sanctity are both overwhelming tracks where the band brilliantly hits the sonic apex. 

These two tracks mainly involve some great melodies, shifting into captivating grooves without sacrificing the brutal tone. There is also enough variety on each of the eight tracks, the band intelligently instill creativity into the music. As they gradually add the elements of black metal to increase the intensity. Auric Gates of Veles emphasis on the brutal side of the music whilst Tremendum had many dark moments and menacing feel. Hate doesn’t wastes any time on the new tracks and prefer to present more chunky riffs defines the album with crushing brutality from start to finish. 

Path to Arken is a powerful and thunderous track driven by massive waves of blast beats. Veering further into the brutal territories of blackened death metal without slowing down for second. Hate have put so many great albums and it seems that the band has invested their time to release another titanic record. The alteration from the incredible speed to slower tempos is featured on the album title track.

Where Hate moves into the slower paces and darker passages, the riffs are charged with excellent guitar segments. This is one of their most memorable and dark sounding, while mixing the elements this track highlights on the instruments giving them an ample space to shine. The incredible role of the drums in materializing tracks like Salve Ignis and Generation Sulphur is one of the reasons for its success. Auric Gates of Veles is raised on the pillars of the previous albums, this is yet another overwhelming piece of modern blackened death metal.

Release Date: June 14th, 2019
Label: Metal Blade Records
Track list:

  1. Seventh Manvantara
  2. Triskhelion
  3. The Volga’s Veins
  4. Sovereign Sanctity
  5. Path to Arkhen
  6. Auric Gates of Veles
  7. Salve Ignis
  8. Generation Sulphur
  9. In The Shrine of Veles (Pre-Production)
  10. Path to Arkhen (Pre-Production)


  • Music9/10
  • Lyrics/Vocals8/10
  • Production8/10
  • Artwork9/10
  • Originality8/10
8.4"Auric Gates of Veles" is Hate’s most sounding black metal album to date, the band seems to infuse into the technique of black metal.
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