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Polish extreme metal collective Shadohm shared their new video single ‘Blurred’, a track from their upcoming debut ‘Through Darkness Towards Enlightenment’, set for release via Selfmadegod Records in March!

Selfmadegod Records presents ‘Through Darkness Towards Enlightenment’, the debut album from new Polish metal collective SHADOHM with current and ex-members of bands like Vader, Decapitated and Antigama, set for release in March!

Swedish death metallers Vomitory announced to be part of the Vader “40 Years of the Apocalypse” European tour!

Polish death metal legends of Vader are not ones to sit still! Check out their brand new video ‘Into Oblivion’ from their upcoming new album!

Defiled’s ‘Infinte Regress’ is just around the corner. So here is the full album stream to get you pumped!


If you are still looking for a great summer destination, here are 10 festivals that might make Finland the ideal place to go for you with #Horizon23, Rockfest, Tuhdimmat Tahdit, Nummirock, Tuska, John Smith Festival, SaariHelvetti, Dark River Festival, Hellsinki Metal Festival and Flow Festival!

A bit of everything, but all high quality stuff!

Photo Reports

On a Sunday autumn evening in Finland we saw total Polish death metal takeover of On The Rocks Helsinki with Vader, Hate and Thy Disease at on of the stops on the “Final Declaration Northern Tour 2022”! For a Sunday, there was quite the massacre unleashed in the pit!

Vader played a special set to celebrate the anniversaries of ‘De Profundis’, ‘Art of War’ and ‘Litany’. Possibly 3 of the best albums they ever made!

The visuals that came from 2 days of great metal fun at one of the nicest and biggest “extreme” metal festivals in Belgium!

Death metal at the top of its game!

Album Reviews

‘Solitude in Madness’ highlights a notable shift in style to the mid-00s. Therefore there’s remarkable brutality and ultimate aggression.

Perdition Temple’s third album is recommended for fans of Vader, Angelcorpse, and Malevolent Creation.

Berzerker Legion is the epitome of what modern death metal music is all about. The album is a concoction of epic melodies, powerful grooves, and pure intensity.

Hate delivers yet another crushing blackened death metal album!

Vader simply understands how to employ the fierce tone of thrash metal and death metal together in one destructive blow.

A diabolical debut any fan of extreme metal should hear.