Vader – Solitude in Madness

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Death metal legions Vader have been on a long league of their own and their 13th album ‘Solitude in Madness‘ shows no limits to the band’s growing force. Since 1992 the Polish quartet had achieved high standards and became recognized among many death metal bands in Europe and worldwide. Although the bond between guitarist/vocalist Piotr Pawel Wiwczarek A.K.A. Peter and the old members has never sustained for long, the current lineup is yet a testimony of coherence and firmness. It includes the same members who appeared on the latest studio albums. Vader is led by Peter, Spider (guitar), Hal (bass) and James Stewart (drums). Last year the band dropped a short teaser through their latest EP, ‘Thy Messenger’. The Polish quartet was gearing up for a monstrous release and now we behold the brutal force of ten tracks of sinister death metal. Although ‘Solitude in Madness’ is no different from prior releases such as ‘Tibi et Igni’ and ‘The Empire‘, Vader’s most fiendish albums like ‘Litany‘ and ‘Revelations‘ saw a shift away from brutal death metal. Though they have certainly preserved the modern sound of death/thrash metal, Vader is somehow stuck in a time loop where they move back and forth between these two stylistic variations.

The vicious strikes of the blast beats and scorching riffs on the opening track ‘Shock and Awe‘ once again bring the traditional modality. ‘Solitude in Madness‘ begins with fast, intense riffs, but Vader soon confronts their fundamental roots. ‘Into Oblivion’, for example, is full of ear ripping riffs while the drums provide the automated blast beats, launched by the robust mechanism. Vader offers a punchier style of death metal, setting a rapid motion of brutal attacks. Straight from the furnaces of hell, the reverberating solos are charged by the dual guitars. Each track is launched by the powerful force of the drums. Vader continues in expanding within the traditional platform, which they have become known for.

This allows the tracks to pass swiftly like a bullet. For example, the third track ‘Despair’ is limited to one minute and eighteen seconds, which leaves the fans somehow unsatisfied. But other tracks like ‘Incineration of the Gods’ are brought to a suitable time length. This song is rife with classic death metal riffs. While there is always room for some invention which is mainly fueled by the fast blazing solos, Vader builds the strength in the song structure moving forward into mid-tempo. Then, suddenly the solos and the blast beats are unleashed. There are no limits to the fiery blasts of the tempo. The fact is ‘Solitude in Madness’ is injected with excellent guitar hooks. Driven by an outstanding performance from drummer James Stewart (Berzerker Legion, BloodShot Dawn, Deny The Urge), it adds a tremendous vitality to the songs.

The ferocity of the battery and face-melting riffs are brought with such energy that it will make you headbang to the songs. ‘Solitude in Madness’ is dominated by the highly energetic tempos of this explosive performance. Vader also balances the fast tempo shift of the songs. For example, ‘Sanctification Denied‘ is fixed at an effective mid-tempo, lead by the traditional growls of Peter. This aggression and intensity are not new to the fans. However, this time around the Polish quartet demonstrates the power of the riffing. The savage quality of aggression and moderate technicality on ‘And Satan Wept’ will remind you of their past albums.

The pummeling blows of the drums and the chaotic solos are achieved by a high degree of skills. Vader on the latest studio album twists and turns things as they wish, drifting into speed and ferocity like never before. The exceptional effort of the given brutality and the metallic riffs are fired out in intensive violence. ‘Emptiness’ and ‘Final Declaration’ bring the grooves and the heavy/thrash metal tendencies. The abbreviate time length is measured by the amount of aggression, while the instruments are perfectly interlaced. ‘Stigma of Divinity‘ is charged by concentrative sections of tectonic blast beats as the track takes a vicious nature. My only remark is that I hoped Vader would follow into the classic form of the song patterns. The final track ‘Bones‘ brings down the incinerating tempo and offers a range of grooves. 

Solitude in Madness‘ highlights a notable shift in style to the mid-00s. Therefore, there’s remarkable brutality and ultimate aggression. It combines the ferocity of the band we know of, but there are signs that Vader will install back the brutal traits. As a new ambition has now ensued within the band’s mentality, we shall certainly witness it when the Polish quartet returns in the near future. 

Release Date: May 1st, 2020
Label: Nuclear Blast
Track list:

  1. Shock and Awe
  2. Into Oblivion
  3. Despair
  4. Incineration of the Gods
  5. Sanctification Denied
  6. And Satan Swept
  7. Emptiness
  8. Final Declaration
  9. Dancing in the Slaughterhouse (Acid Drinkers cover)
  10. Stigma of Divinity
  11. Bones


  • Music9/10
  • Lyrics/Vocals9/10
  • Production9/10
  • Artwork8/10
  • Originality10/10
9Vader on the latest studio album twists and turns things as they wish, drifting into speed and ferocity like never before. The exceptional effort of the given brutality and the metallic riffs are fired out in intensive violence.
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