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Switzerland’s legendary death/thrashers Messiah are back with a new album ‘Christus Hypercubus’, to be released in March 2024 via High Roller Records and share the title track of the album as a first taste!

German death/thrash metal masters Burden Of Grief return with the fierce single ‘Fevered Dreams’, a track from their upcoming album ‘Destination Dystopia’, set for release in November via Massacre Records.

Brazilian death-thrashers Torture Squad are returning this year with the release of ‘Devilish’ via Time To Kill Records, the second album with the new lineup!

Extreme metal quintet The Arcane Order unleashed the new single and video ‘The First Deceiver’, from the upcoming new album ‘Distortions From Cosmogony’, set for release in June via Black Lion Records!

The Belgian death thrashers of Schizophrenia unleashed their take on the Misfits classic ‘Bullet’, another track from their upcoming tribute EP ‘Chants Of The Abyss’, out in February!

The ladies from Nervosa are here to stay and kick some serious ass! Check out the last single before the release of the new album!

Belgian death/thrash outfit Reject The Sickness is back with a second single of their upcoming new album “While Our World Dissolves”!

Belgian death/thrash outfit Incinerate announces their upcoming new album “Back to Reality” with a brand new video!

The Belgian death thrashers of Reject The Sickness are back with the first track from their upcoming new album.

Finnish death thrashers Curimus are soon releasing their third record, for which they’ve just put out another music video. Check out ‘Ignite’

Album Reviews

Fans of death/thrash metal should check out Norway’s death/thrash metal outfit Sovereign’s first full-length album, “Altered Realities”. The album is recommended for fans of Death, Pestilence and Nocturnus, out now via Dark Descent Records!

Leper Colony ticked all the boxes when it comes to firm delivery and the at most quality of songwriting. All in all, the self-titled debut album incorporates the raw and inspiring riffs of old-school serious ass kicking death/thrash metal. Out via Transcending Obscurity Records.

Sijjin explores a varied style of underground extreme metal specifically when death metal and thrash metal were intertwined.

‘Rat°God’ is the most characteristic death metal album released this year. Its distinctive songwriting style accurately displays what the Floridian bands achieved back in time.

“Royal Destroyer” somehow embodies all that The Crown has achieved in the past with some impressive scathingly brutal tracks!

Enforced released with ‘Kill Grid’ a killer of an album with influences of death metal, thrash metal and hardcore!

Thrash/death powerhouse Nervosa is back with a vengeance. With a brand new lineup and a blistering new album.

‘Solitude in Madness’ highlights a notable shift in style to the mid-00s. Therefore there’s remarkable brutality and ultimate aggression.

Violent Death Rituals is infectious and seemingly influenced by the contemporary Dutch death metal bands such as Asphyx and Hail of Bullets.

Superstition delivers an extreme album that mixes old school death and thrash with great success!


Some of our most anticipated released for May 2021, warning: there is way more exciting music being released, this is only a small selection…