The Arcane Order shared music video for ‘The First Deceiver’

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Danish extreme metal quintet THE ARCANE ORDER is gearing up for the release of the band’s highly anticipated fourth album “Distortions From Cosmogony”, which will see the light of day set on June 9th via Black Lion Records. While the first single “Cry of Olympus” already gave an intense insight into the upcoming album, the band follows up today with a brand-new music video for the track “The First Deceiver”. Watch the video here:

Guitarist Flemming C. Lund comments:

On this song we wanted a darker kind of vibe while utilizing some sinister harmonies we never did before. A bit like in the older Pestilence-songs from the ‘Malleus Maleficarum’ era, while still mixing it up for a more progressive chorus and some dark yet groovy passages to spice things up.”

Lead singer Kim Song Sternkorpf elaborates on the song theme:

“From a lyrical perspective, the song is about Prometheus, the perfect anti-hero. The myth of how he had to flee the wrath of the gods for bestowing the gift of fire to man served as one of the best classical narratives of rebellion and liberation. Is he a self sacrificing saviour of man or has he brought ruin on us all for giving men a tool to undermine the reign of the divine?”

With its new experienced line-up featuring members of renowned acts such as Soilwork, Møl and HateSphereTHE ARCANE ORDER created an epic metal album within its singular style combining the extreme, the grandiose, technical and melodic while telling the story of mankind’s eternal existential conflict between autonomy and submission.

The band’s upcoming fourth album is a 54 minutes long virtuosic display of THE ARCANE ORDER’s unique fusion of death, black, tech, classic and melodic metal. The band’s skillful balancing of the epic and aggressive, the extreme and melodic and of the technical and catchy is unfolded in a dramatic songwriting taking the band’s expression to new heights, while demanding complete devotion from the listener – who are equally rewarded, if this is delivered. 

In the same manner, the subject matter of THE ARCANE ORDER demands a will to immerse oneself, look inwards and to be challenged. “Distortions From Cosmogony” revolves around humankind’s eternal existential struggle of division between autonomy and submission, internally as well as externally. The album dives into the distortion and transition taking place, when humans project their incompleteness into the creation of gods and their counterparts, here on earth as well as beyond. Humans have always told stories about itself and the world with cosmogonies carrying reward and punishment as the most archetypal narratives. The album asks the eternal questions about who we are, which narratives shape us and if these will forever determine our species. These fundamental existential questions find their natural habitat in THE ARCANE ORDER’s unique, visionary extreme metal on “Distortions from Cosmogony”.

As the previous three, THE ARCANE ORDER’s new album “Distortions from Cosmogony” is recorded by Jacob Hansen (Aborted, Arch Enemy, Volbeat, Katatonia a.o.) and in addition Jacob Bredahl (Lifesick, Eyes, Livløs ao.) has recorded vocals, while the guitars were tracked in Flemming C. Lund’s home studio.

“Distortions from Cosmogony” will be released on 2-LP, CD and physical formats and can be pre-ordered at THIS LOCATION while digital formats can be pre-saved HERE


01. Distortions From Cosmogony
02. Cry Of Olympus
03. A Blinding Trust In Chosen Kings
04. Starvations for Elysium
05. Favors For Significance
06. The First Deceiver
07. Empedocles’ Dream
08. Ideals Of Wretched Kingdoms
09. Children Of Erebos
10. Wings of Duality

Kim Song Sternkopf – Vocals
Flemming C. Lund: Guitar
Kasper Kierkegaard: Guitar
Anders Frodo S. Mikkelsen – Bass
Bastian Thusgaard – Drums

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