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Finnish black metal outfit Ondfødt teamed up with Finntroll’s Vreth on the track ‘Where Death Roams’, another single from the upcoming album ‘Det Österbottniska Mörket’, set for release via Black Lion Records in May!

Finnish black metal legion Ondfødt released music video and single ‘Tvelatan’, from the upcoming album ‘Det Österbottniska Mörkret’ to be released later this year via Black Lion Records!

Finnish black metal Ondfødt unleashed first single ‘Dödsrejson’ from upcoming album ‘Det Österbottniska Mörket’, set for release in April via Black Lion Records!

Swedish melodic death metal Souldrainer unleash the brand new single ‘End Of The World’ in anticipation of next month’s release of their new album ‘Departure’ via Black Lion Records!

German melodeath outfit Credic released the lyric video and single ‘Tides Disharmonized’ from their upcoming album ‘Vermillion Oceans’!

Extreme metal outfit IATT releases the new track and video “Seven Wandering Stars”, featuring Jake Superchi from UADA and a track from the upcoming album ‘Magnum Opus’!

Kvaen releases another single with ‘In Silence’ in anticipation of the release of his new album ‘The Great Below’!

Melodeath act Credic released a video for the title track of their upcoming album ‘Vermillion Oceans’!

The extreme metallers of IATT announced their new album ‘Magnum Opus’ and shared a little teaser of what we can expect

German melodeath outfit Credic unveils the details about their upcoming and anticipated sophomore album ‘Vermillion Oceans’!

Album Reviews

Not unfitting for funeral doom, the debut EP from Dutch duo Angmodnes, ‘The Weight of Eternity’ has been 9 years in the making. Full of majestic, morose melancholy, the album was released on Black Lion Records on September 30.

‘The Great Below’ provides real thrills, bringing off the passion of intersecting different genres with exuberant riffs and technical prowess. Like a burning furnace the songs are molded by an aggressive form of modern black metal that blends catchy choruses, melodies, and energetic tempos.

Wormlight illustrates a sense of aptitude where they exploit the faculty of the formula. “Nightmother” is a concept album that establishes a high intent from these Swedish musicians.

“Sermon of Apathy” is a very intense album but less extreme when compared to other modern death metal bands. Perhaps the lack of the album production is the only flaw of the album, otherwise, there’s nothing to complain here.

Re-Armed’s long awaited fourth album ‘Ignis Aeternum’ is here. Full of top melodic death metal tracks from Finland.

Defiatory’s second album contains heavy, thrashy riffs and puts Sweden on the map of thrash metal!

Listen to “Stardust” and drift away in the Soul Dissolution’s atmospheric sound

Sounds from the past and future…