Desolator – Sermon of Apathy

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Hailing from Stockholm, Sweden Desolator is a four-piece death metal band that offers intellectual song composition that is out of the box. “Sermon of Apathy” is set for a release date on the 4th of September via Black Lion Records.
Although their debut album “Unearthly Monument” was more of a slower version of bands like Grave. The newest effort does not adopt the traditional HM-2 signatures, yet they offer a high quality of death metal. The most significant feature of the sophomore album is the musical capabilities that highlight the talent of the band. Desolator doesn’t invoke the trademarks of the old school Swedish death metal a la Entombed, Grave, and Dismember. If you are expecting something similar then look elsewhere. What signifies the new material is the variety of the dynamic riffing that is handled by dual guitars and vocalists Joakim Rudemyr and Stefan Nordstrom.

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Despite the fact that there are plenty of bands with the same name, after going through their discography there was a sudden and familiar rush of remembrance of the band’s recent EP “Spawn of Misanthropy”. “Sermon of Apathy” shares the high quality of the modern death metal style, the guitars are focused with occasional blast beats launched between the transitions. Although I wouldn’t categorize them as a fast-paced death metal band, and within its aural contents there are many infectious rhythm sections. “Portal Tomb” opens in such speed with guitars and drums bursting into rapid tempos, it also important to note that all the four members are active in other bands such as Soliloquium, Ending Quest, and Valkyrja.

There are many sequences of fast solos and grooves that spice things up, however, the guitar melodies are akin to the old school style of the Swedish death/black metal. One of the things that captured my attention is the sci-fi cover themes that were presented on the band’s latest EP, including the newest album. “Adversarial Doctrine” is exhilarated by the brutal growls on this track. Bassist Jonas Bergkvist spews the whirring bass while the high pitched guitar melodies contrast between the drums and the vocals. Each instrument contributes a strong sense of performance. All sorts of dynamics such as grooves are being implanted in the song structure. The emphasis is on creating emotive melodies and other sonic landscapes, like cold dissonance is also thrown to the mix. Desolator interfuses with a specific style of melodies. The songs are boasted with refined abilities and technicality.

Creatures of Habit” is prominent with catchy guitar segments. These intergalactic melodies are emphasized over the time length of Forty-one minutes. The slow and gradual pace of drummer Victor Parri possesses speed and precision. His skills make each track sounds truly intense.

I was completely impressed with the quality of the melodies and the guitar chords on the fourth track “Methods of Self-Deception”. Desolator may have been influenced by the Swedish blackened band Sarcasm.
The guitar chords are adjusted to sound fully hypnotic at times. But these are only sparse moments when the rhythm guitar exerts infectious melodies and embeds the song texture with melodious hooks. “Sermon of Apathy” is a very intense album but less extreme when compared to other modern death metal bands. Perhaps the lack of the album production is the only flaw of the album, otherwise, there’s nothing to complain here. “The Human Condition” opens with driven guitars. The drums on this track increase the pace offering some blast beats.

On sophomore, Desolator managed to make each track sound different but unique at the same time. The heavy chugs are obtained from the amplified sound of the guitars, hence the most powerful aspect of the album is faculty of the robust riffing and the stellar melodies that add so much to the songs, while this distinguishing pattern that further cements the trademark style of the band. After showcasing the grooves and the solid guitar chugs on “Vaticide”, Desolator offers their most intensive track on the album.

The Great Law of the Dead” brings some thrilling varieties to the listener. This centerpiece of a total of nine minutes is based on the epic and colossal guitar arrangements. With the persistent impulses of the rhythm guitars, Desolator suddenly shifts and simulates the familiar tone of the band Nile. The growls are perfectly in contrast with the focused artillery of the guitars. Meanwhile, the solos and the rhythm interact to create a maelstrom full of epic compositions. On the latest musical level “Sermon of Apathy” shows the real potential of this Swedish death metal band who has managed to release an outstanding album, the future seems promising!!!

Release Date: September 4th, 2020
Label: Black Lion Records
Track list:

  1. Portal Tomb
  2. Adversarial Doctrine
  3. Creatures of Habit
  4. Methods of Self-Destruction
  5. The Human Condition
  6. Vaticide
  7. The Great Law of the Dead


  • Music9/10
  • Lyrics/Vocals8/10
  • Production8/10
  • Artwork8/10
  • Originality9/10
8.4On the latest musical level “Sermon of Apathy” shows the real potential of this Swedish death metal band who has managed to release an outstanding album, the future seems promising!!!
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