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Swedish melodeath fans in Europe, rejoice! In Flames, Arch Enemy, and Soilwork, 3 of the biggest and most influential bands of the genre are banding together and will reap havoc across the continent with the “Rising From The North 2024 tour” next year!

Although it’s been four years since their last release, Arch Enemy is kicking some serious ass through their newest standalone single “Deceiver, Deceiver”.

Swedish death metal supergroup The Lurking Fear announced their upcoming next album and unleash a first single from that release!

Album Reviews

Re-united Swedish death metal four-piece Vomitory is back in action. The tenth album “All Heads Are Gonna Roll” is brutally and technically outstanding, out via Metal Blade Records!

Entrails may not have offered anything new on its seventh album ‘An Eternal Time of Decay’, but there is an undeniable feel for classic Swedish death metal with songs that are equally catchy and aggressive . Out on Hammerheart Records.

‘Mass Destroyer’ is Demonical’s strongest album in the past decade. The result of their songwriting genius proves that Martin Schulman and Co. have kept their raw sinister core sound intact.

On the sixth album “Agma” Wombbath initiates a rather morbid approach to death metal making it the best effort since the debut album.

With “Worship” Hypocrisy managed to craft one of it’s best albums that combines the classic trademarks of these Swedish pioneers.

Abscession on the sophomore “Rot of Ages” managed to exhibit new musical grounds of Stockholm death metal.

“World Domination” is molded by heavy guitar chunks and melodies resulting in improved sonic diversity yet it firmly brings the standard of the Swedish death metal.

Revolting’s latest release is a good conjunction of modern death metal and the thrusting elements of old school Stockholm death metal.

LIK’s ‘Misanthropic Breed’ is extremely powerful with infectious grooves and the bulky riffs.

Just Before Dawn has surpassed themselves on the level of songwriting “An Army At Dawn“ maintains the energy of old school death metal.