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After taking eight years of hiatus Swedish melodic death metal pioneers Hypocrisy finally return with their newest album “Worship”. Thirty years in business and mastermind Peter Tägtgren and Co. cultivated immense qualities that brought the band to worldwide popularity. Since their 1996 classic album “Abducted”, Hypocrisy set futuristic standards for their sound and were the first to incorporate science fiction themes of extraterrestrial. Within its ranks, the highest caliber professionals like Peter Tägtgren (vocals, guitars, keyboardist), Mikael Hedlund (bass guitar), and HorghHorghagen” (drums) have pulled the best elements from the band’s previous albums. 

Worship” seeks to cement the brutal side of the band with a modernistic flair of melodies. The album kicks off with a short acoustic intro where then the driven guitar retains the signature style and blasting drums keeping the high-octane tempo furious. Hypocrisy has always had its own unique style to play death metal with mammoth-sized riffs inserting hooks in the mid-tempo. Catchy guitar riffs and outstanding vocalization uncovers the vibrant traits of fusing dark melodic hooks that fill the tempo with an infectious rhythm and lead guitars.  

Once again long-time fans will come across some crafted jaw-dropping geniality. “Chemical Whore” is magnified by Peter Tägtgren’s scorching melodies and his deep growls sound just amazing! Engulfing the audience in extraterrestrial themes of space, catchy hooks, and heavy chugging riffs will dazzle you with outstanding musicianship. From its opening riff, the outburst of the infectious guitars evokes memories from past albums like “The Final Chapter” and “The Arrival”. Instant hooks provide irrefutable quality to the chorus and the captivating vocal textures shine out, the fourteenth album finds the band focusing on creating a memorable rendition of a modern piece of melodic/brutal death metal.

Greedy Bastards”, which is an up-tempo track, retains a heavier tone where the fierce riffing and the thundering drums are masterfully layered, providing a slab of full explosive brutality and aggression. Horgh‘s drumming is relentlessly powerful and energetic, his distinct performance lays a foundation for the songs. “Dead World” injects some industrial beats that remind me of Peter Tägtgren’s solo project Pain. The aggressive assault offers a riff galore with the hammering drums gearing up for a savage onslaught of death metal massacre. The drum attacks make it one of the heaviest tracks on the album. 

The refreshing elements add enough hooks to tracks like “We’re The Walking Dead” which is centralized on powerful catchy rhythm guitar showcasing a remarkable talent and flawless performance. The sheer refinement and suavity overflow with the dark atmosphere that is meticulously crafted by Hypocrisy’s classic trademarks. With the opening riff being very heavy and infectious, the guitars provide dark paranormal melodies that get you hooked immediately. Over the past decade, Hypocrisy developed a penchant for a classy kind of melodies. And on “Worship” the trio has articulated their inner musing as they have harnessed the expertise focusing more on the diverse facets.

Brotherhood of The Snake” proves that the notions of brutality and viciousness are still rooted in the band’s fundamental sound. In its diverse framework of mixing melodic death metal with grooves and blast beats sound brutal yet refined. The guitars provide combative bursts of death metal aggression and melodic riffs are built into the tempos with a spectacular display of galloping drums. While half of the songs are prone to refined brutality other songs like “Children of The Gray” present the modern class of harmonizing melodies, the technical aspects integrate stylish guitar riffs. Navigating through a bleak dimension of the extraterrestrial journey to deep space, the track is wonderfully catchy full of fiery lead guitars. 

This time Hypocrisy managed to extract aggression, and melodies equally. “They Will Arrive” erupts like hellfire and the monstrous guitar riffs offer an intense mid-tempo exercise in brutality, and the growls are propelled by crushing double bass. A classic Hypocrisy song that incorporates chunky guitar riffs yet without sacrificing the heaviness and catchiness. “Bug In The Net” is one of the most memorable tracks on the album which has a very spacey vibe to it the dynamic tempo cleaves through the song. The sorrowful Sci-Fi themes imbue a dark quality into the slow catchy mid-tempo unleashing a sonic maelstrom of melodic hooks.

The grand closure “Gods of The Underground” emphasizes the rhythm and the melodic guitar solos that bring some awe-inspiring moments with the raspy extraterrestrial screams. The track bounce into a catchy and atmospheric mid-tempo and insertion of the vocal hooks and melody fuse the elements of black/death metal in one superb manner. “Worship” is a great comeback album by Hypocrisy, where they managed to craft one of its best albums that combines the classic trademarks of these Swedish pioneers. 

Release Date: November 26th, 2021
Label: Nuclear Blast Records

  1. Worship
  2. Chemical Whore
  3. Greedy Bastards
  4. Dead World
  5. We’re The Walking Dead
  6. Brotherhood Of The Snake
  7. Children Of The Gray
  8. Another Day
  9. They Will Arrive
  10. Bug In The Net
  11. Gods Of The Underground


  • Music10/10
  • Vocals/Lyrics10/10
  • Production10/10
  • Artwork9/10
  • Originality10/10
9.8 “Worship” is a great comeback album by Hypocrisy that managed to craft one of its best albums that combines the classic trademarks of these Swedes pioneers.
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