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The modern death metallers of Succumb unleash another scathing track with matching visualizer for ‘Aither’, from their upcoming The Flenser album ‘XXI’!

Album Reviews

“Sermon of Apathy” is a very intense album but less extreme when compared to other modern death metal bands. Perhaps the lack of the album production is the only flaw of the album, otherwise, there’s nothing to complain here.

Lantern accelerates beyond the spectrum of the usual patterns of old school death metal. This is a very highly recommended album.

‘Stare Into Death And Be Still’ is a magnificent album that will resonate into my ears for many years. This is Ulcerate’s definition of technical death metal!

Abysmal Dawn return at last with their new Masterpiece, ‘Phylogenesis’.

“Ceremony of Silence” is a good mixture of different styles. Outis is a varied album it is brutal, fast and has many compositions.

Altarage doesn’t intend to create any beauty when it comes to music instead they approach metal with extreme methods of deformity.

Depravity’s release ‘Evil Upheaval’ is a straightforward brutal death metal album… nothing more, nothing less.

Photo Reports

Alien Weaponry blasted the public away during their first show in Belgium!