Critical Defiance – Misconception

    Chilean thrash, Bay Area influenced but with that little extra touch. A great debut album by Critical Defiance. And may many more albums follow.

    Carnal Forge – Gun To Mouth Salvation

    A great comeback from Carnal Forge. Hopefully the first of many new albums.

    Create A Kill – Summoned To Rise

    This new thrash project of former Malevolent Creation drummers Gus Rios and Alex Marquez reels you in and rushes you to the finish. Have a listen and be amazed.

    Methedras – The Ventriloquist

    Thrash death killing machine Methedras delivers a new work of art. The band takes a new turn in songwriting but it does not leave disappointed.

    Striker – Play To Win

    Striker released their latest album Play To Win, an album which can't go by unnoticed. Wether you like it hard and heavy, or rather have it a little slower, these guys...

    Anger As Art – Fast As Fuck

    Anger As Art releases their first live album "Fast As Fuck", experience thrash at its finest!