Crescent – Order of Amenti

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Crescent was formed by founding members Ismaeel Attallah and Amr Mokhtar. Crescent has gone through drastic changes concerning the musical direction of the band. After releasing two EP’s and a self-released debut album entitled Pyramid Slaves in 2014. Three years after Crescent began to work on their new material and decided to release their second album. In 2017 the band became a part to a French label Listenable Records and announced the release of their latest album. Crescent once again re-opens the book of mythology, and thus The Order Of Amenti was issued forth! Musically the second album differs from the debut album, what we have here is a gigantic piece of blackened death metal. Order of Amenti is launched by an epic track entitled Reciting Spells to Mutilate Apophis, which is a colossal monumental opening track blended with haunting chants and synth.

The musical direction of the new album is without a doubt a leap towards evolution. The growls are monstrous, the lead and the rhythm guitars are scaled with technical brilliance. Sons of Monthu strikes with tight performance, the double paddling drums are energetic and it evokes with a brutal sound. Beside the thunderous bass lines you can hear the riffs charged with power, the sense of groove and thrashy riffs along with mid-pacing blackened death metal is quite clear. Crescent offers the listener tons of melodies and the Middle Eastern roots manifest with their third track entitled Obscuring the Light. The members have found the right formula to incorporate new elements to their music, the drums are battered with full force unleashing a tremendous wall of sound. Chaotic riffs surged with potent energy that allows the music to grow over the listener.

Through the Scars of Horus is a worthy model in illustrating the musicianship and coherency between the members. The tremolo guitars rebounds in a massive sound waves, the drums play a big role in structuring the song patters as they are unleashed with furious blast beats. In some of the tracks the vocals are ranged between deep growls and black metal screams. Beyond the Path of Amenti is a swelling oriental track and  it’s one of the catchiest songs on this album.

Crescent has recruited worthy musicians who later became a part of the band, their role in writing music maintained the process of development. And due to their respect for the ancient Egyptian heritage you can notice the track titles are involved with the ancient Egypt mythology. In the Name of Osiris is an epic track and it’s performed with great musicianship the album ends at 57 minutes delivering plentiful of melodies and brutality. The success of Crescent came through hard work, and with such achievement they have reached to their aim in releasing a strong album in terms of originality and intensity. Another worthy aspect was signing a deal with Listenable Records which will surely provide Crescent with a deserving recognition worldwide.

Release date: February 9th,2018
Label: Listenable Records
1.Reciting Spells to Mutilate Apophis
2.Sons of Monthu
3.Obscuring the Light
4.Through the Scars of Horus
5.The Will of Amon-Ra
6.Beyond the Path of Amenti
7.The Twelfth Gate
8.In the Name of Osiris


  • Music8/10
  • Lyrics/Vocals8/10
  • Production8/10
  • Artwork9/10
  • Originality8/10
8.2Crescent has released a gigantic album of blackened death metal infused with their oriental heritage and Egyptian mythology!