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Dutch blackened death metal institution God Dethroned is back with a brand new single and video ‘Asmodevs’ after the recent announcement of signing with Atomic Fire Records.

Texas’ High Fells released their debut album ‘Catharsis’, filled with angry riffs and blackened howls, streaming now for your listening pleasure!

Dutch extreme metal institution God Dethroned signed with Atomic Fire Records for the next chapter of their career, just in time for the 30th anniversary of their debut album! And announced a new single coming on December 2nd with ‘Asmodeys’!

Emerging blackened death metal outfit Black Lava unleashed the 2nd single ‘Eye of the Moon’ from their upcoming debut album ‘Soul Furnace’, out in November via Season of Mist!

Extreme metal outfit IATT releases the new track and video “Seven Wandering Stars”, featuring Jake Superchi from UADA and a track from the upcoming album ‘Magnum Opus’!

Finnish blackened death outfit Progeny of Sun start their year with the brutal offering ‘Worthless’!

Belgian blackened death metal outfit Goat Torment released a third and last track before the official release of their ‘Forked Tongues’ album!

Ukrainian WWI experts 1914 are back with yet another punishing track from their upcoming new release ‘ Where Fear and Weapons Meet’!

Belgian blackened death metal outfit Goat Torment unleash a second track from their upcoming new album ‘Forked Tongues’!

New Finnish blackened death metal outfit Anima Hereticae released their first single with a mesmerizing video, the title track of their upcoming EP ‘Ov Behest’!

Photo Reports

On a Sunday autumn evening in Finland we saw total Polish death metal takeover of On The Rocks Helsinki with Vader, Hate and Thy Disease at on of the stops on the “Final Declaration Northern Tour 2022”! For a Sunday, there was quite the massacre unleashed in the pit!

The 3rd and last day of Tuska 2019 was a good moment to chill out a bit, but still had some impressive artists!

Behemoth invaded Europe in a satanic event that brought Swedish At The Gates and American Wolves In The Throne Room with them! And here are the pics!

Arch Enemy played a near sold out show in 013 in Tilburg, if you didn’t get to be there, this was our impression!

Album Reviews

Austria’s blackened death metal act Belphegor conjures us a demonic soundtrack to Walpurgis on its newest album ‘The Devils’ which is the band’s strongest release to date. The eight tracks offer atmospheric and epic qualities without sacrificing any of their trademark blackened aggression. Out on Nuclear Blast.

Desolate Shrine shows a new paradigm in the songwriting that establish a rawer and fierce hellish sound on the fifth opus “Fires Of The Dying World”.

Nocturnal Graves fourth album “An Outlaw’s Stand” is full of raptures and grits where the Aussies deliver the outright rampage of blackened thrash/death metal.

Their fourth album ‘Victory in Blood’ reflects on vicious aggression, though Unanimated has opted for a ferocious sound, there are some elements that don’t really work out that well.

“Rugia” is another welcoming effort from this Polish band that never ceases to impress the old and the new fans.

‘Carving the Fires of Akhet’ is an epic album that serves a crushing brutality and bombastic melodies.

On the EP ‘Altars of Cosmic Devotion’ Vøidwomb accentuates the well-crafted riffs and this certainly defines the songwriting composition of the Portuguese quintet.

On the fourth album ‘Succumb’ Altarage has freshly managed to bring their dissonant remarks as well as the cacophonous sound and harsh vocals on an extreme, voluminous scale.

The British trio Grave Miasma on their sophomore album ‘Abyss of Wrathful Deities’ has established themselves as one of the top echelons of death metal.

Suffering Hour’s experimentation with claustrophobic dissonance and harmonies on the latest album is a testimony of the musical prowess.