Album Reviews

On the debut full length album Proscriptor McGovern’s Apsû incarnates the legacy of Absu and takes a new approach to the domains of avant-garde black/thrash metal.

Nightfall’s newest album is, without a doubt, the best work delivered by these veterans in such a long time! This is a really dark, melodic, and aggressive piece of blackened death metal.

“Ôfstân” is far from an average black metal album and I highly recommend this album to fans of pagan black metal.

The Swedish vikings of Grimner offer you “Vanadrottning”; another serving of heavy folk metal!

Crescent has reached to their aim in releasing a strong album in terms of originality and intensity.

When a love for spiders and metal find each other

Take a magical trip through the nine worlds/realms of the viking mythology with Skálmöld!

Gig Reports


Ithilien worth the watch and a great warm-up for the always great Dutch pagan metal outfit Heidevolk, celebrating their 15th anniversary!

Pagan folk on an epic scale…


Touring, making music and friends…