15 Years Heidevolk: Pagan Metal (Biebob)

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Biebob, it’s a venue I really appreciate because of the good sound and almost no backstage. It’s a place where you can actually meet the bands without having a VIP ticket. It was here that Heidevolk had a stop to celebrate their 15 years, with as support band Ithilien.

Ithilien (***) is a Dutch Folk metal band that includes members from all over Belgium. It’s a nice fact to know that their flutist comes from our own hometown Ghent. They combine elements of death metal with the typical folk sound which gives the music always a happy touch. When Ithilien started the evening Biebob wasn’t very enthusiastic. Most of the audience was still standing around the bar and around the PA. This didn’t matter for the singer Pierre.He wanted us to get closer and get warmed up for Heidevolk




Their set started with Blindfolded and after a couple songs the audience was getting closer to listen to this still growing band. All the band members had fun on stage and this reached the crowd. They recently released a new album Shaping the Soul and it’s obvious they played a lot from that album. They played some folk numbers (Danse de l’Ours) and this invited the crowd to the middle of the room. Most of the crowd was satisfied nodding their heads to the folk parts and with Edelweiss at the end of their set the crowd was warmed up for who they came for: Heidevolk! Horns up for Ithilien for doing such a great show it was a blast watching them play.



A warmed up and almost filled Biebob was ready for the mighty Heidevolk (****), that celebrated their 15th birthday with this tour. Heidevolk, a pagan band who sings in the Dutch language. Well known by most pagan fans. Lyrics about Germanic mythology and ‘Gelderland’.



They started their set with Winter Woede from their latest album Velua. They have a steady fan base and everyone was singing along with the band. There was a great vibe during the set and they played a few of their most known songs. They did add an extra dimension to their set list by playing 3 acoustic songs with Hallen van mijn Vaderen, Geldersche Volkslied and Hulde aan de Kastelijn. This gave the whole room goosebumps and everyone was singing along.



After this short intimate moment, they started again with more powerful songs. Heidevolk proved once again to be a great live band/performers and ended the set with Vulgaris Magistralis, their cover of Normaal. Afterwards they came to drink a few beers with the crowd and ended the night in showing their gratitude to their fans.




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