SHINING (Kavka Antwerpen) – 29/09/2023

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Who doesn’t know SHINING from Norway, the BlackJazz pioneers. Well a lot of people apparently and not to confuse with equally named Shining, the black metal ensemble from Sweden. In contrary, their Norwegians counterparts bring us BlackJazz which isn’t exactly a style for the faint-hearted. It consists of very technical parts with grungy voices, where there’s a lot of place for organised chaos. They describe themselves more as an extreme avant-garde metal band. This evening in the Kafka was a part of small celebration tour of the ‘BlackJazz’ album.


First up were our Belgian friends from Powerstroke. I guess a lot of people in Belgium have seen or know this band. They were formed in 2007 and have already delivered 5 albums with a mix of groove, death, and thrash metal. While there weren’t many people in the venue during the beginning of the concert, some people there did enjoy the music. They did their best to warm up the audience for SHINING which wasn’t an easy task as the most people who were coming in were there to witness the avant-garde metal of the Norwegians. Even a cover of Faith No More‘s ‘Gentle Art of Making Enemies’ couldn’t change anything about it.


Time for the blackjazz orgasm. Original formed as an acoustic jazz quartet in 1999, SHINING quickly evolved to a more experimental progressive metal band from where on they progressed to the more innovative avant-garde blackjazz style. When they kicked off with The Madness and the Damage Done’ you could feel that the crowd was ready for it, although the sound wasn’t that great from the start. Jørgen Munkeby was ready to give all what he had, and he did it with bravura on excellent performances of ‘Fisheye’, ‘Healter Skelter’, ‘Omen’ and ‘Blackjazz deathtrance’. Not to give the other members less credits but hell, Jørgen is a hell of a sax player, incredible what he is doing with the saxophone. For those who doubt if a saxophone fits metal, listen to SHINING, you will be impressed. During the set, the sound wasn’t still very good, as some people yelled they wanted to hear more guitar in the room, which inflicted in some humoristic interactions with the crowd. The set ended with the King Crimson cover ‘Twenty First Schizoid Man’ which on certain points became so chaotic that it got a haunting vibe. An encore was thrown with the “hit”  ‘We Won’t Forget’ which has that Nine Inch Nails vibe all over it.


The Madness and the Damage Done
Exit Sun
Exit Sun Pt. 2
Healter Skelter
The Madness and the Damage Done Pt. 2
Blackjazz Deathtrance
21st Century Schizoid Man
I Won’t Forget
A small, intimate concert for the diehard fans of SHINING became a once in a lifetime experience where everyone enjoyed this show. If you see that afterwards  almost everybody wants to buy something from the merch, you can be proud that you did a great job. Thanks, Jørgen Munkeby and co, for this avant-garde orgasmic evening.
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