News Posts

Epica unveiled ‘The Alchemy Project’, an upcoming experimental album featuring contributions of a impressive lists of guests, and shared the first track ‘The Final Lullaby’, featuring Shining including some tasty saxophone!

Unpredictable Norwegian rock outfit Shining come with the scathing track and video ‘KMA (Kiss My Ass)’, a track from their upcoming Spinefarm Records EP ‘IDGAF’!

A new Finnish summer festival has been announced with Hellsinki Metal Horizons, the place to be if you intend to widen your horizons!

Russian blackgaze outfit TRNA release the epic 13 minute track ‘Shining’, featuring the up-and-coming black metal masters Gaerea, from their upcoming album ‘Istok’!

Norwegian’s Shining is going to stream their Blackgaze anniversary show from the amazing location of a water plant!

Brand new avant garde black metal outfit Lice signs to Season of Mist for their debut offering!

Shining made a complete turn musically and deliver some catchy rocking stuff!

The new year has just started and here we are again with a whole list of new releases to look forward to!

The year is getting close to its end, but there’s no slowing down the new releases!

Supergroup Cyhra has grown even stronger with the addition of a talented fifth member to play the second guitars!

Gig Reports

The celebration of the BlackJazz album by the Norwegians of SHINING at the Kafka in Antwerp was an intense orgasmic experience for your ears. Support came from local metal heroes Powerstroke.

Shing and Taake did a co-headline tour, and we saw that it was… depressing.

Photo Reports

Pictures of an exciting first day of Hellsinki Metal Horizons 2022 with Oddland, Vulture Industries, Manticora, Humanity’s Last Breath, MyGrain and SHINING!

Pictures of the French “end of the summer” underground music festival Fall of Summer 2017!

Festival Reports

The first full day of Hellsinki Metal Horizons 2022 delivered on plenty of proggy, intense and simply weird stuff with Oddland, Vulture Industries, Manticora, Humanity’s Last Breath, MyGrain and Shining!

Drasjpop: How we met your mudder.


The winds are turning to winter and so the time of Eindhoven Metal Meeting is coming close again!