Releases to look forward to… November 2017

Every year and every month there is loads of rock, industrial and metal that is getting released. Just in case you’d be missing a good one, we’ll be trying to keep you on track by selecting a bunch of releases to remind you of every month! Warning: the dates of release might change still, so if the album doesn’t get released that day after all… don’t shoot the messenger! The festival season is over, so time to ramp up the amount of releases coming our way. And there are some good ones this month…

November 3rd

Throne of HeresyDecameron Death/Black MetalThe Sign Records
Cannibal CorpseRed Before BlackDeath MetalMetal Blade Records
Special OppsBaby Take It All (EP)Heavy Metal / Hard Rockindependent
Tyler Bryant & The ShakedownTyler Bryant & The ShakedownHard RockSnakefarm Records
Sleeping RomanceAlbaSymphonic MetalNapalm Records
Moonspell1755Gothic/Doom MetalNapalm Records
Opium WarlordsDronerDrone/Doom MetalSvart Records
F.K.Ü.1981Thrash/Horror MetalDespotz Records
KansasLeftoverture Live & BeyondClassic RockInside Out Music
Like Moths To FlamesDark DivineMetalcoreRise Records
Blaze of PerditionConscious DarknessBlack MetalAgonia Records
ConvergeThe Dusk In UsMetalcoreEpitaph / Deathwish
Beast in BlackBerserkerMelodic Heavy/Power MetalNuclear Blast Records
AnnihilatorFor The DementedThrash MetalSilver Lining Music
Vandenberg’s MoonkingsMK IIHard RockMascot
ShireenMatriarchPagan Folk / Witch PopFoxy Records

November 9th

BarkLike HumansGroove Metal/Death ‘n’ RollSideburn Records

November 10th

Electric WizardWizard Bloody WizardDoom MetalWitchfinder / Spinefarm Records
Amberian DawnDarkness of EternitySymphonic MetalNapalm Records
The UnguidedAnd the Battle RoyalMelodic Death MetalNapalm Records
ShakraSnakes & LaddersRockAFM Records
The TubsHappily Ever JadedRockConsouling Sounds
Smothered BowelsDead Cunt DanceGoregrindBizarre Leprous Productions
ElvenkingSecrets of the MagicFolk/Power MetalAFM Records
Asylum 8RepressedIndustrial MetalInverse Records
AudnFarvegir FyrndarBlack MetalSeason of Mist
EntheosDark Future MastersTechnical MetalSpinefarm Records
ToothgrinderPhantom AmourMetalcoreSpinefarm Records
WitcheryI Am LegionBlackened Thrash MetalCentury Media Records
DestructionThrash Anthems IIThrash MetalNuclear Blast Records
EvanescenceSynthesisOrchestral/Electronic RockBMG
Desolate ShrineDeliverance From The Godless VoidDeath MetalDark Descent Records

November 17th

Death Toll 80KStep DownGrindcoreSvart Records
Sar IsatumShurpurBlack Metalindependent
GBHMomentumHardcore PunkHellcat
The AdictsAnd It Was So!Punk RockNuclear Blast Records
AosothV: The Inside ScripturesBlack MetalAgonia Records
Cavalera ConspiracyPsychosisThrash/Groove MetalNapalm Records
OblivionThe Path Towards…Technical Death MetalUnique Leader Records

November 20th

In-DefiladeEludeBlackened Death Metalindependent

November 21st

Curse The FallSymbiosis (EP)Heavy MetalFinal Legion Records

November 17th

Genus Ordinis DeiGreat Olden DynastySymphonic Death MetalEclipse Records
VirvumIlluminanceTechnical Death MetalSeason of Mist
CardiantMirrorsMelodic MetalInverse Records
EvergreySolitude, Dominance, Tragedy (Re-Release)Dark Melodic MetalAFM Records
EvergreyThe Dark Discovery (Re-Release)Dark Melodic MetalAFM Records
Anguis DeiAd Portas SepentiumBlack MetalSvart Records
Noel Gallagher’s High Flying BirdsWho Built The Moon?RockSour Mash
ShiningFiende (EP)Suicidal Black MetalSeason of Mist
TaakeKong VinterBlack MetalDark Essence Records

November 27th

SharptoothClever GirlsHardcorePure Noise Records

November 30th

EngulfSubsumed Atrocities (EP)Death MetalEverlasting Spew Records
ManticoreCauterize The Church CouncilThrash/Death MetalRaw Skullz Records

That’s all folks! See you next month!



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