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Spectral Voice shared the details on their upcoming sophomore album ‘Sparagmost’, including a release date on February 9th, 2024 via Dark Descent Records and a track stream for ‘Red Feasts Condensed into One’!

The year is getting close to its end, but there’s no slowing down the new releases!

October is cranking up the heat on the amount of releases!

Album Reviews

The Irish old school death metal revivalist Vircolac return with a stunning release. The sophomore “Veneration” conveys a raw, organic style with plenty of dark atmosphere that emits a sepulchral melody. Out via Dark Descent Records since today, February 23.

Kings of cavernous death doom Spectral Voice return with one of the year’s most monolithic albums. “Sparagmos” borders into the spectral realms and portrays the band’s unique take in a more crushing and dismal manner, released via Dark Descent Records on February 9th.

Fans of death/thrash metal should check out Norway’s death/thrash metal outfit Sovereign’s first full-length album, “Altered Realities”. The album is recommended for fans of Death, Pestilence and Nocturnus, out now via Dark Descent Records!

Montréal-based death metal band Phobocosm shows great intellect in blending the modern dissonance with cavernous death doom style. The third album “Foreordained” was released via Dark Descent Records yesterday, December 8th.

Mexican death metal four-piece Reverence to Paroxysm on their debut full-length album “Lux Morte” constantly traumatize your soul with crushing brutality and sludgy doom metal riffs! The album was released on Me Saco Un Ojo Records and Dark Descent Records on August 31st.

Ageless Summoning’s debut album “Corrupting the Entempled Plane” fits into the category of atmospheric death metal and comes highly recommended for fans of Morbid Angel and Demigod. Released via Dark Descent Records.

The latest E.P. ‘De Syv Stadier Af Fordærv’ of the Danish death metal four-piece Undergang offers a rotten mixture brutal old school death metal and stands as one of the band’s best releases. Out on September 1 via Dark Descent Records.

Dark Descent Records and Extremely Rotten Productions surprised the fans with one of the best split releases of the year. Offering three exclusive songs from Denmark’s death metal outfit Undergang and one monolithic 14-minute track from the U.S. death/doom metal act Spectral Voice.

‘Of Existential Distortion’ is definitely among the best black metal albums that Iceland has offered in recent times. Úlfúð aptly managed to emphasize the hallmarks of 90s black metal dark melodies by presenting an album equally majestic as the Norwegian bands. Out via Dark Descent Records.

The international death metal four-piece Hyperdontia returns with a gigantic sound on its latest EP “Deranged”. See the members of Taphos, Sulphurous, and Diabolizer opting for a brutal juggernaut sound where they continue to push their musical boundaries to new heights, released via Dark Descent Records and Me Saco Un Ojo Records!