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Finnish melodic metal band Dark The Suns released the single ‘Aurora’, a track from their upcoming album that will be released via Inverse Records, sharing a taste of Finnish melancholy and nature.

Finnish Rioghan shared another single with ‘Home’, including a stunning music video, from the upcoming album ‘Different Kinds Of Losses’ scheduled for release in December via Inverse Records!

Finnish folk metal band Folkrim celebrates summer one last time before it’s completely over with the new single ‘Midsummer Mead’, another track from their upcoming new album ‘On Foaming Waves’!

Finnish neoclassical symphonic melodeath outfit Clamoris are releasing their debut album ‘Opus Limbonica’ next month via Inverse Records and shared a last single with ‘The Bite of the Cosmic Snake’!

Estonian pioneering modern metal band Horror Dance Squad brings with their blend of pop, punk and metalcore another breath of fresh air this summer with their latest single Ego Death, out via Inverse Records!

Finnish proggers Somehow Jo released 2nd single ‘Fata Morgana’ from the upcoming new album ‘Scales And Details’, to be coming in September via Inverse Records!

Finnish musician Rioghan unleashes another captivating track and video with ‘Promises’, from her upcoming debut album ‘Different Kinds Of Losses’!

Up-and-coming new Finnish metal outfit Blackment unleash ‘Maw of the Dread’, a track from their upcoming debut album ‘Plains of Oblivion’!

Finnish metal outfit Where’s My Bible shares yet another single from their experimental epos ‘Circle’ with the video for ‘Nest’!

Finnish melodeath band Hagalas released a new EP “As a Unit” and video along with it via Inverse Records!