News Posts

Finnish melodic metal band Justice Theory release a new dark and atmospheric single with ‘Let It Die Tonight’, out via Inverse Records, complete with a new music video, their first in 6 years!

Finnish modern melodeath powerhouse Numento dropped the brand-new single ‘The Solipsist’, the first track from their upcoming third album set for release this summer via Inverse Records!

Swedish melodic death metal band Sailor Hunter is set to release their new EP ‘Evolution’ via Inverse Records in May and shared a first single with ‘Ashes’!

Finnish melodic death/doom metal outfit The Harbinger released a first single and music video ‘Hollow’ from their upcoming ‘Gates of Hell’ EP, set for release later this year via Inverse Records!

Finnish grindcrust outfit Unborn Generation released second single ‘Rattus’ from their upcoming album to be released via Inverse Records!

Finnish melancholic progressive metal outfit Lucidity released their second single ‘Threads To Follow’ from upcoming album ‘Escherian’, set for release later this year via Inverse Records!

The new Finnish rock band Endline will put the melodic hard rock scene into a new shape! They just released their debut single ‘Lost’ via Inverse Records!

Finnish power duo Yokophono released their new dance-inducing single ‘Red’ via Inverse Records! Think of rock comparable to the likes of Royal Blood, Arctic Monkeys and even Queens Of The Stone Age, and you’re right on the money!

Finnish thrash metal band Miehala released their second single ‘Into the Void’, from their upcoming EP ‘Sons of Alaheim’, set for release in March via Inverse Records!

Finnish hardcore flavored groove metal band Cut Wide Open releases their new single ‘Illusions of Dreams’ via Inverse Records!