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Legendary gothic/doom metal band Inner Missing finally released their discography officially via streaming platforms!

In this time of crisis, the full collection of releases by Inner Missing could be the perfect soundtrack to your personal doom & gloom!

Babylonfall – Collapse

Babylonfall releasing their debut "Collapse". A melodic death metal piece of art with some doom metal influences

Estonian metal band Goresoerd released brand new video single “Nõiaring”

Popular Estonian metal band Goresoerd release a new song and video for it. Check it out!

Post Pulse replaces website with a bot… and it’s kind of an asshole

Finnish metal band Post Pulse replaced their website with a rather rude bot, go have a look and enjoy your conversation, at least someone to talk to...

King Satan – I Want You To Worship Satan

What if Rammstein and Slipknot had a baby? And maybe a bit of Die Antwoord? There’s not really an example of how King Satan sounds.

Temple of the Stars to release debut album in May, first music video single is out!

Temple of the Stars released a first single of their upcoming folky prog rock album "Nightspirit"!

The Phantom of Phobos reveals a new single!

Finnish prog outfit The Phantom of Phobos reveals a new single in anticipation of their first physical release!

Marianas Rest to release second album “Ruins” in spring!

Marianas Rest is bringing their Finnish melancholy on a record named "Ruins" straight to you later this year!

De Lirium’s Order unveils the first chapter of Singularity

Finnish death metal band De Lirium's Order reveals a first look at their upcoming new album "Singularity"!

Superdeathflame throws gasoline on fire with their new single and music video

Finnish melodic death metal group Superdeathflame releases a brand new single and music video!