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Death metal icons Cannibal Corpse dropped the new video ‘Vengeful Invasion’, a track from their latest album ‘Chaos Horrific’. Catch them on the “Metal Crushes All tour” in North America with Amon Amarth, Obituary and Frozen Soul in April and May!

Igorrr releases another preview on their upcoming new album “Spirituality And Distortion”, with a very special guest crushing the vocals!

French experimental music genious Igorrr hits us with the deatils of his upcoming album and a first single!

A new death metal album that’ll appeal to many fans of the genre!

The year is getting close to its end, but there’s no slowing down the new releases!

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On 19 March 2023 US death metal legends Cannibal Corpse were destroying the stage in Stuttgart, on their European Spring Tour 2023. Stormruler, Ingested and Dark Funeral were completing the line-up for a great death & black metal night.

Album Reviews

Florida’s death metal titans Cannibal Corpse bounce back with their sixteenth album “Chaos Horrific” fulfilling their legacy as they once again fortify the ante. With Erik Rutan making his second appearance, Cannibal Corpse deliver some brutal material to their fans yet again. Out on September 22nd via Metal Blade Records!

Get ready to be immersed in some HEAVY horror themed masterpieces. Ice Nine Kills proves just why they’re one of the best and it’s a killer time.

Cannibal Corpse’s fifteenth album is weighty and viscerally thrilling brought by high standards, the cohesive performance makes each song sound viciously aggressive.

‘Nucleus’ is densely packed with a stratum of complex riffs and deep guttural growls. Within its time length of forty-one minutes the band swagger in applying overwhelming brutality.

Undeath on their first full-length album provides us with something rotten ‘Lesions of a Different Kind’ has lived up to the hype. This is without a doubt one of the spectacular releases of the year 2020.

Morbid Realms is determined by the energy and the sheer performance of the U.S. death metal trio Sentient Horror, who has released a rip-roaring album for fans of extreme metal.

Cannabis Corpse lit a good doobie and delivered one hell of a death metal album!

Coffin Rot summarizes their iteration of death metal through a running time of 32 minutes delivering an old school death metal savagery.

Possessed have established their own spectrum of death metal, their music draws a thin line between death and thrash metal.

Vile Apparition’s “Depravity Ordained” is one for the old school death metal lovers among us!


A dozen of picks by our editorial team what they deem as the most anticipated releases of April 2021! Good stuff to be found here!