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Swedish rockers The Riven shared the experimental heavy track ‘On Top of Evil’ from the upcoming new album ‘Peace And Conflict’, scheduled for release via The Sign Records in November!

Finnish fuzz rockers Craneium released the stand alone single and video ‘Victim of Delusion’ via The Sign Records last week!

The Swedish rockers of The Riven unleashed a brand new single and lyric video under the form of “Death”!

The year is getting close to its end, but there’s no slowing down the new releases!

October is cranking up the heat on the amount of releases!

Album Reviews

A dirty and intense kiss at an afterparty, that’s what ‘Rubbery Lips’ by Hot Breath sounds like!

Skraeckoedlan’s reissue of Äppelträdet, for those of you who like heavy riffs that will take you on an intergalactic expedition, and grooves so deep they could rearrange tectonic plates.

Honeymoon Disease from Sweden rocks on with their second album. Find out here why you should check them out.

Throne of Heresy is back with their high quality black/death metal and this time they’re bringing The Black Plague with them!

Without any doubt one of the freshest winds in heavy metal I’ve heard since long…

Pop this disc in the car radio, start driving and listen to what is half an hour of the perfect roadtrip music!

The end of the world is here, brought to you by Highrider…

Swedish death metal at its finest!

Get ready to get your face smashed in!


12 more releases of March 2021 we have been looking forward to for a while! Check it out!


A talk with vocalist/bassist Andreas from Highrider about their latest album, D&D and the bands that have inspired them to create such a crazy blend of different music styles!

A talk with guitarist Andreas about Grande Royale’s new album, inspirations and roadtrip habits.