Hot Breath – Rubbery Lips

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Like an intense and dirty kiss at the after party that never ends. That’s how Hot Breath describes themselves on Bandcamp. And boy howdy, it is one dirty and intense ride. The band themselves might be Swedish, but they know how to play some old school garage rock. You know the kind of bands I mean, the ones whom you chug a beer to in the backyard of someone you barely know. The band that’s there got a small gig, but they’re far too good to be playing a 50 euro gig. They arrived in a 500 euro car and unloaded 5000 euro worth of gear. The true experience, some would say.

Hot breath is a Swedish foursome formed in 2018 with one previous LP, ‘Hot Breath’ to their name. On the drums we have Jimmy Karlsson and on bass we have Anton Frick Kalmin, the both of them sporting a mustache Magnum P.I. would have approved of. On lead guitar we have Karl Edfeldt and on rhythm guitar and behind the mic Jennifer Israelsson. The lady has some pipes! Combine that with the adrenaline-filled guitar work and bursting-from-the-seams energy of the drums and you’ve got one hell of a messy french kiss, laced with tobacco and strong liquor.

‘Rubbery Lips’ is the newest debut album of these four Swedish party animals. The first songs ‘Right Time’ immediately pulls you into the dark, rowdy corner of a smoky concert. It screams classic rock and roll, simple buildup with a punky attitude. The solo is delicious, lyrics that get you in the right hair-whipping groove and more cowbell than a Swiss bovine. That’s what this band represents: a damn good time. ‘Last Barang’ is another one of those classic hard rock bangers. Power chord to tight beat punching, tingly lead on top and the lovely voice of Israelsson sure to make your feet tap and bounce up and down on your sitting ball (I have a bad back, leave me alone).

‘Who’s the one’ forgets about the hard rock and striking riffs for a second and dips its toe in the deep, drunken pool of psychedelic rock. This welcome change makes sure that this album doesn’t suffer from something I would like to call “Rock Syndrome”. That’s the condition where the songs on an album are so alike that the music drones just together. It all becomes some form of background noise that isn’t very well appreciated. Not this album, as you’ll see. A few songs later, the absolute finisher of this wild ride. ‘Bad Feeling’ rolls in. However, the feeling is anything but that, when this kicker comes knocking. It’s energetic, lively, full of “joie de vivre” and drives home once more what this band is all about. They’re here for a good time. And they do it well.

Overall, this album is great. It won’t break hit charts, they’re not (yet) high-profile enough for that. But it’s time for the rock genre to have a few new kings and queen, and to my belief, these party animals have what it takes. The mix could use some work, since sometimes the vocals takes a backseat to the guitars, which isn’t awful, but I would have loved a more balanced mastering. But hey, that’s what the next albums are for! Counting on you Hot Breath, you’ve at least convinced me!

Release date: 9 April 2021
Label: The Sign records

  1. Right Time
  2. Magnetic
  3. Last Barang
  4. What You’re Looking for, I’ve Already Found
  5. Who’s the One
  6. Adapted Mind
  7. Turn Your Back
  8. One Hit (To the Body)
  9. What to do
  10. Bad Feeling


  • Music9/10
  • Vocals/Lyrics8/10
  • Production/Packaging7/10
  • Artwork5/10
  • Originality6/10
7With their debut album in the can, Hot Breath shows that it will take that can, chug it down, crumple it on their skull and keep on partying until the sun is out. A load of fun and a blast to listen to. On to the next banger!
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