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A new chapter in the While She Sleeps story is underway, and now they unveiled another part of that with the single ‘DOWN’, featuring Alex Taylor of Malevolence, and another track from their upcoming album ‘SELF HELL’ set for release in March via Spinefarm Records!

The legendary Finnish melodeath band Children Of Bodom will release their very last album in December via Spinefarm Records with the live album “A Chapter Called Children Of Bodom (Final Show in Helsinki Ice Hall 2019)’, a recording of their farewell show!

Sleep Token has announced their 3rd studio album “Take Me Back to Eden” – containing their heaviest recorded music so far – is set to be released on May 19th via Spinefarm, and shared the single and video ‘Vore’.

Swedish masters of the occult Ghost release another song in anticipation of the release of their new album ‘Impera’ in a couple of weeks!

Legendary industrial outfit Killing Joke releases the title track of their upcoming EP ‘Lord of Chaos’!

Unpredictable Norwegian rock outfit Shining come with the scathing track and video ‘KMA (Kiss My Ass)’, a track from their upcoming Spinefarm Records EP ‘IDGAF’!

The popular occult rockers of Ghost are back with another album and released a first single with ‘Call Me Little Sunshine’!

Modern rock outfit Stone Broken announced their new album ‘Revelation’ and unleash the title track as the first single!

The Browning announce their new upcoming album ‘End of Existence’ and unleash the title track as a first taste of what is to come!

Releasing this video has people saying that Bullet For My Valentine has marked the beginning of a new “distinct visual era”. See for yourself!


With Glenn’s selection of his albums of the year, there is a bunch of metalcore, deathcore, djent and some surprising entries with Thy Art Is Murder, Avenged Sevenfold, Within Temptation, Tesseract, Avatar, In Flames, Sleep Token, Periphery, Invent Animate, and Chelsea Grin!

As the festival summer is quickly approaching, May sees many great releases yet again. Our team of writers put together a nice selection of those they are looking forward to the most this month with Deathstars, Cattle Decapitation, Veil Of Maya, The Dark Side Of The Moon, Ghost, Thulcandra, Frozen Soul, Sleep Token, Henget, Vomitory, Immortal, Kalmah and Legion Of The Damned!

2023 starts off with quite the bang with new releases from VV, Anti-Flag, Imperium Dekadenz, Turmion Kätilöt, Katatonia, Kiberspassk, …and Oceans, Obituary, Suasion, Dropout Kings and Vėlių Namai!

Our editor-in-chief Wim brings us yet again releases that are heavy as fuck with his albums of the year list! Hold on to your seats!

Album Reviews

Pittsburgh punk rockers Anti Flag have released their 13th album ‘Lies They Tell Our Children, a “conceptual” album about the state of the world that we currently live in, with 7 out of the 11 tracks featuring guest artists. Out via Spinefarm Records.

Ghost’s fifth opus “Impera” is quite extravagant and incredibly catchy the songs are stately infectious redefined by the vibrant 80’s rock vibes that catch the mood instantly.

Atreyu delivers a mix of passion, rhythm and guitar riffs with motivational lyrics and drive while maintaining it easy to jam!

This album is a metalcore mix that is candy for the ears. It’s loud, it’s out there, but it’s also calm and soothing at the same time.

The only thing you can do after this is push the repeat button and listen to the new Seether album once again because it’s so great.

Airbourne, the hard rock misfits of a new generation are back with a “Boneshaker” of a record!

This album is yet again amazing. When you hear the music, you know it’s While She Sleeps.

What are you going to leave behind? A tin line between love and fear.

Helix is surprising. It’s catchy and poppy. But also sturdy and material for head banging. Definitely give it a listen if you’re in for something new.

Ever wondered how energetic punk rock band Anti-Flag sounds with acoustic guitars?

Gig Reports

Gojira took over Europe on their massive ‘Fortitude’ tour with support from up-and-comers Alien Weaponry and Employed To Serve and we caught them at their show at a sold out Jäähalli in Helsinki, Finland in front of a crowd that was absolutely hungry for some good live show!

Ensiferum gathered their troops, some wolves and fellow pagans to deliver an evening filled with Finnish pagan inspired metal!

Release party for “Tyhjyys”!

Release party for “Tyhjyys”!

2 titans and a small one of metalcore blew the roof off AB!

Photo Reports

Metal mastodons Gojira came, saw and conquered a sold out Jäähalli in Helsinki, Finland with their amazing music and killer visuals back in July, with support from Alien Weaponry and Employed To Serve!

Come and check out the awesome pictures we have of the ever cool Celts from Eluveitie and the modern metallists of Amaranthe!

The visuals of an evening of Finnish pagan inspired metal by the viking warriors of Ensiferum and Crimfall and the wolves of Wolfheart!

New Winter Metal came to us in Helsinki!

How does a night of “Winter metal” look like?