Glenn’s albums of the year 2023

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It's that time of the year again. The time of 2023 is over, the time of 2024 has come. But before we can shut down the chapter 2023. We had some amazing releases this year, and we can say it was again too much to handle, but I did my best to give you a top 10 of what this year had to offer. Let us see, shall we.

10. Thy Art Is Murder - Godlike

(22/09 - Human Warfare)

This was not an easy task, this new album of Thy Art Is Murder. After finishing the vocal recordings of this new album with CJ Mcmahon, they announced to part ways with their vocalist. In other words, they kicked him out after anti-trans comments, but as the band stated this was only one symptom of a larger problem. Enter Tyler Miller who also does vocals for Aversions Crown. The recordings of CJ Mcmahon were deleted, and they recorded new vocals with Tyler Miller. So now that we’re back on track, back to their new album, ‘Godlike.’ The question is does Miller the job ? Yes and no. It is a huge difference in quality, and we have to adjust a couple of things. Tyler Miller is not CJ Mcmahon and you can hear this but after listening a couple of times and keep in mind that CJ is no more then this is really a good album. It’s not their best, but it’s brutal as fuck. And I know Tyler will do a good job in his new chapter with this Thy Art Is Murder. The best is yet to come. Just listen to a song like ‘Join Me In Armageddon’ or ‘Everything Unwanted.’ Tyler does a very good job.

9. Avenged Sevenfold - Life Is But a Dream...

(02/06 - Warner)

After their previous albums ‘Diamonds In The Rough’ (2020) and ‘The Stage’ (2016) who I ignored completely, Avenged Sevenfold is back with a new album called ‘Life Is But A Dream…’. So I thought let’s give this a try and it’s pretty good. They are going back to their roots from ‘City Of Evil’ (2005). It’s not as good, but it’s not bad either. I lost them a little bit, but after listening to their new album my curiosity has been renewed, and I will support them yet again. They walk a very proggy way, but I like it, just listen to ‘G’ that’s very proggy but really good with some clean female vocals. Or my absolute favorite of this album ‘Nobody.’ I’m looking forward to their headline position on our own Graspop Metal Meeting.

8. Within Temptation - Bleed Out

(20/10 - Force Music)

Within Temptation is back with their already 8th album called ‘Bleed Out.’ In my eyes, Within Temptation never released a bad album. But I was more a fan of their harder albums like ‘The Silent Force’ (2004) and ‘The Heart Of Everything’ (2007). And with this album they are going back to that time again. I was very pleased when I heard the first tones of this new album. Tips for this album are ‘Ritual’, ‘Bleed Out’ and the very strong song ‘Shed My Skin’ and they collaborated for this song with the German metalcore band Annisokay. Their first metalcore influenced song. Way to go, guys. See you in 2024.

7. Tesseract - War Of Being

(15/09 - Kscope)

TesseracT plays a genre that you love or hate called djent. I love it and djent is getting a revival with band like Invent Animate and Periphery who are coming back in this list. Sorry spoilers. This is my first djent album in the list and like I said earlier not my last. What I like about this band is they can switch from brutal to soft in just a couple of seconds. Just listen to the title track ‘War Of Being.’ They proof that they can be soft and gentle with the beautiful song ‘Tender.’ It’s not a very brutal album so if you’re looking for some very brutal stuff just leave this behind but if you like your music more sophisticated, then you can give this a try. You will not regret it. I assure you.

6. Avatar - Dance Devil Dance

(17/02 - Thirty Tigers / Black Waltz Records)

I’m going to be very honest, and I was not really a fan of this band. I knew them, and there were a couple of songs I liked from different albums. People were saying to me dude you have to hear this new album of Avatar, it will blow you away. And I thought okay I will give it one last chance. And they were right. I like this Avatar. This album is not that different of their previous albums, but it just hits me. If you like me in the past don’t like Avatar, I will give you one song that maybe will chance your mind. ‘The Dirt I’m Buried In.’ Yes I know it’s poppy and very mainstream and very soft, but it’s oooh so good. It’s sticks in your head, and that’s what a good song has to do. If you after this still don’t like it well then you never will. Too bad, I on the other hand will give this album another spin.

5. In Flames - Foregone

(10/02 - Nuclear Blast)

Like djent there is another revival going on. Bands who changed their music to some softer version of themselves are going back to their harder stuff they once wrote and played. Withing Temptation is coming back harder with their new album ‘Bleed Out’ with even a metalcore song and In Flames is also back with a harder version than their latest releases. They had to, because they were even losing me as a fan. There are fans of their latest soft albums, but it’s not me. So I was pleased to hear this new album, ‘Foregone.’ In Flames is back and Anders is grunting and screaming again. I never thought I would ever hear this again. Yes, for the new fans he is still singing clean, but he combined it’s with the old In Flames that I love. Beginning with the beautiful instrumental intro, ‘The Beginning Of All Things That Will End.’ To burst out in their older selves with ‘State Of Slow Decay.’ ‘Meet Your Maker’ is going even further, what a sledgehammer blow is this. With Foregone Pt. 1 and 2′ they are going back to a very old In Flames. Back to ‘The Jester Race’ from 1996. Is there something for the new fans. Oh yes, there is, just listen to ‘Pure Light Of Mind.’ Sorry for the fans of the first hour, but it’s time for the real In Flames to get back up. But hey, give it a try and be amazed.

4. Sleep Token - Bring Me Back To Eden

(19/05 - Spinefarm Records)

For the people who know me, this will be a surprise. It’s not the stuff that I listen to most of the time. But I heard everyone saying what a good album this was. So I gave it a try. And wow, what a mind-blowing album is this. I’m still not figuring it out. Still finding new things that I didn’t hear the first time. It’s gentle, it’s brutal, it’s filthy and amazing. Just listen to ‘Chokehold’ just like the title is saying it is. It’s clean, but at certain moments is holding you in a real chokehold. And my absolute favorite of this album is ‘Vore.’ But do me a favor and listen to this album in his complete form, it’s the best way to consume this masterpiece. It’s the surprise in my top 10 this year.

3. Periphery - Pheriphery V: Djent Is Not A Genre

(10/03 - 3DOT Recordings / Century Media / eOne)

Like a said earlier, this is djent album number 2 of the list. The honour goes to Periphery and is coming in my top 3 of 2023. Periphery is never an easy band to figure out with their sometimes chaotic sound but that’s what I like about this band. Or you can make and album that’s really too easy to figure out, or you’re making an album like this one. There is a time to be brutal on the song ‘Zagreus’ but also a time to be gentle on ‘Silhouette’ and something you may not forget. Listen to the classical orchestra that is hidden in the background that is given this album another layer. Djent will be the new world order!!! Sorry, was losing myself a little bit back there.

2. Invent Animate - Heavener

(17/03 - UNFD)

And the silver goes to my last djent album and for me one of the best djent bands, even one of the best bands ever. Invent Animate with their fourth album, ‘Heavener.’ They never disappointed me. They always say that the fourth album is the most important one, and it will determine if you gonna make it or not. And they did, they will make it because they delivered a real masterpiece, a masterclass of music. Just listen to ‘Absence Persistent’ layer upon layer. If I have to give a favorite to this album it will be very hard because every song has so much potential and strength, but if I really have to I chose ‘Shade Astray.’ The chorus it contains has so much strength in it. I really love it. I love this album. And I hope I can see this guys performing this live on stage because I never saw these guys ever. Maybe this will be my resolution of the new year. Seeing Invent Animate live.

1. Chelsea Grin - Suffer In Heaven

(17/03 - ONErpm)

It wouldn’t be me if I close my top 10 with some brutal music. My absolute number one of the year 2023. Chelsea Grin with ‘Suffer In Heaven.’ It’s a follow-up from their 2022 release ‘Suffer In Hell.’ And wow it explodes with ‘Leave With Us’ and it’s brutal and filthy and breakdown after breakdown leaving nothing behind in its destruction. ‘Orc March’ with guest vocals from the one and only Dani Filth of the mighty Cradle Of Filth. It makes this song only better. There is never a moment to slow down. From the first second to their last, they are on a path of destruction, a path of suffering. Like their last song, ‘The Path Of Suffering.’ They are entering 2023 with a new album, and they are entering 2024 with the first price.

It was again a hard decision to make my top 10. Many great releases this year. Some didn’t make it to my absolute 10 albums of the year, but it doesn’t mean they weren’t good. If I see all of this, I hope 2024 will be again a good year for the metal industry. I’m looking forward to it.

My best wishes to everyone and a fucking great new metal year for everybody. Cheers.

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