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Relentless blackened thrashers Deströyer 666 are streaming their full new album ‘Never Surrender’ ahead of this Friday’s release via Season of Mist! Get ready to get pummeled!

Vahrzaw released a new song ‘King In Yellow’, check it out here!

The year is getting close to its end, but there’s no slowing down the new releases!

Album Reviews

“Never Surrender” is much of a continuation to its predecessor but the quartet stampedes into a wildfire like tempos, the songs are fast, relentlessly aggressive, and infectious. Deströyer 666 has returned with impressive work that conveys the classic hallmarks of heavy/speed and blackened thrash metal, released via Season of Mist.

Nocturnal Graves fourth album “An Outlaw’s Stand” is full of raptures and grits where the Aussies deliver the outright rampage of blackened thrash/death metal.

On their album Craven Idol raises the bar high delivering a malicious piece of blackened thrash metal fury.

Bloodletter is back with their second album Funeral Hymns, thrash metal, with some crossovers into other styles, which will surely knock you off your feet.

Inculter is a blackened thrash metal band whose aim is to restore the old school metal sound of the early 80’s.

Mongrel’s Cross sophomore album makes a larger and heavier approach towards blackened thrash metal and shows a good achievement.

We reviewed Witchery’s latest album ‘I am Legion’ for you, check it out here!