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Finnish melodic gothic doomster outfit Hanging Garden announced to be releasing the ‘Citylight Sessions’ EP in April via Agonia Records with remakes of 5 tracks from last year’s album ‘The Garden’!

American death metal legends Massacre have signed a record deal with Agonia Records for their upcoming 5th album!

Catch them live in 2024 at festivals like Alcatraz and Hellsinki Metal Festival!

Greek black metal masters Varathron unveil the music video for the track ‘Crypts In The Mist’, another track from their upcoming album ‘The Crimson Temple’, set for release next month via Agonia Records.

Hellenic black metal legends Varathron shared the single ‘Hegemony Of Chaos’ as a teaser for upcoming ‘The Crimson Temple album, set for release in December via Agonia Records!

Hellenic black metal originators Varathron announce their new album ‘The Crimson Temple’ set for release in December via Agonia Records and share some more details like artwork and tracklist!

Norway’s Aeternus announces ‘Philosopher’ as their upcoming album to be released in November via Agonia Records before embarking on the ‘Black Metal Revelation Tour 2023 Part II’ with Gorgoroth, Impalement and Aran Angmar!

Norwegian black metal band Den Saakaldte revealed the new track ‘Å Skjende En Engel’, in anticipation of the new album ‘Pesten Som Tar Over’ to be released next week via Agonia Records!

Swedish death/doom mavericks October Tide unveiled the most stand-out track ‘Blodfattig’ from their upcoming album ‘The Cancer Pledge’, set for release next month via Agonia Records!

Norwegian black metal band Den Saakaldte is back with its first new album in almost a decade! ‘Pesten Som Tar Over’ will be released later this month via Agonia Records, but you can now already enjoy the song and video ‘Av Satans Ild’!

Swedish death/doom veterans October Tide unveiled the first single ‘Tapestry of Our End’ from their upcoming album ‘The Cancer Pledge’, set for release in October via Agonia Records!

Album Reviews

The 9th studio album “Veneration of Medieval Mysticism and Cosmological Violence” of the Columbian black metal formation Inquisition offers everything the band has stood for, out since January 26th via Agonia Records.

Hellenic black metal masters Varathron are back with a majestic seventh album “The Crimson Temple”. An epic triumphant return that combines bombastic melodies and dark choirs and a landmark in the modern era of Hellenic black metal, out on December 1st via Agonia Records.

Norway’s death metal collective Aeternus returns with a majestic record. Their ninth album ‘The Philosopher’ is full of epic and dark atmosphere that honors the sound of the band. out via Agonia Records on November 17th.

On the debut full length album Proscriptor McGovern’s Apsû incarnates the legacy of Absu and takes a new approach to the domains of avant-garde black/thrash metal.

Strap yourself in to a Delorian, switch on the flux capacitor and let yourself be transported back to the eighties. Stripped of all former metal boundaries, Greek avantgardists Hail Spirit Noir have penned a sublime synthwave soundtrack to celebrate their tenth anniversary.

Inquisition shows us a methodical approach to black metal by taking a step forward from the foundational sound.

“Saint Desecration” is dynamically fueled by the fires of hell this yet another great album by the Polish quartet Azarath!

“World Domination” is molded by heavy guitar chunks and melodies resulting in improved sonic diversity yet it firmly brings the standard of the Swedish death metal.

‘Psychic Death: The Shattering of Perceptions’ unfolds the aural magic of its sublime melodies, What Acherontas offers on their latest album is a consistent musical coherence.

Patriarchs of Evil is a great follow up album to their previous offering, and Varathron has found the right balance of mixing folk melodies with raw black metal.


Our resident extreme metal reviewer Mazen has a selection of stellar (mostly) black and death metal releases as his favorite of the year with Sulphur Aeon, Varathron, Moonlight Sorcery, Cruciamentum, Suffocation, Dying Fetus, Asphodelus, Marduk, …And Oceans, and Cirith Ungol!

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