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Polish shapeshifters Entropia, mixing psychedelic black metal with krautrock, electronics and sludge, announced their 4th album ‘Total’ to be unleashed upon the world in March 2023 via Agonia Records!

Tech death masters Origin are kicking off 2023 with a bang with a co-headlining Europe tour alongside Monstrosity and support from our very own Reject The Sickness and Intrepid!

Italian brutal tech death outfit Antropofagus premiered ‘Hymns of Acrimony’ with a visceral video, first track from the upcoming album ‘Origin’ out next month via Agonia Records!

Finnish metal outfit Hanging Garden signed with Agonia Records for the next step in their career!

Australian black/death outfit Denouncement Pyre premiered the video single ‘Hung Like Swine’ from the upcoming new album ‘Forever Burning’, to be released via Agonia Records!

Slam death metallers Analepsy unleash another music video with ‘Locus of Dawning’, another track from their upcoming ‘Quiescence’ album!

Greek black metal outfit Lucifer’s Child unveils a first track from their upcoming split album with Brazil’s Mystifier!


A small grab of what we are looking forward to the most of the many exceptional releases coming our way during May 2022!

12 more releases of March 2021 we have been looking forward to for a while! Check it out!

Album Reviews

On the debut full length album Proscriptor McGovern’s Apsû incarnates the legacy of Absu and takes a new approach to the domains of avant-garde black/thrash metal.

Strap yourself in to a Delorian, switch on the flux capacitor and let yourself be transported back to the eighties. Stripped of all former metal boundaries, Greek avantgardists Hail Spirit Noir have penned a sublime synthwave soundtrack to celebrate their tenth anniversary.

Inquisition shows us a methodical approach to black metal by taking a step forward from the foundational sound.

“Saint Desecration” is dynamically fueled by the fires of hell this yet another great album by the Polish quartet Azarath!

“World Domination” is molded by heavy guitar chunks and melodies resulting in improved sonic diversity yet it firmly brings the standard of the Swedish death metal.

‘Psychic Death: The Shattering of Perceptions’ unfolds the aural magic of its sublime melodies, What Acherontas offers on their latest album is a consistent musical coherence.

Patriarchs of Evil is a great follow up album to their previous offering, and Varathron has found the right balance of mixing folk melodies with raw black metal.

Chaos Manifesto is a step forward towards progression and hopefully Demonical evolves from their previous albums and do what suits them the best.

Aosoth combines some of the most talented members of the French underground and the result is shear furious and ferocious Black Metal