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Finnish horror blues punks Black Totem are back to haunt your lives with their upcoming third album ‘III: Sacrifice Tonite’, to be released via Svart Records in June, and unleashed the title track upon this world!

Dutch dark folk artist Kati Rán released the new track ‘Kólga | 16’ with a lyric video, another track from her upcoming new album ‘SÁLA’ to be released in May via Svart Records!

New Finnish entity Haunted Plasma brings a powerhouse of futuristic synth in symbiosis with the super violent atmospherics of kosmische black metal on their debut album ‘I’, set for release in May via Svart Records! With a first single ‘Reverse Engineer’ out right now!

Dutch artist and Nordic folk pioneer Kati Rán presented her new single ‘Stone Pillars’, featuring Gaahl and Mitch Harris on guest vocals, and a first track unveiled of her upcoming Svart Records album ‘Sála’!

Dark folk artist Kati Rán signs with Svart Records to release her new full-length album ‘SÁLA’ in May!

From the cold dank fog of Portland, Oregon re-emerges death metal unit Petrification with their highly anticipated sophomore album ‘Sever Sacred Light’, set for release next month via Svart Records! Of which a second single ‘Sepulchral Lesions’ is out now!

Danish K-Town hardcore outfit is back with new album ‘Dead End’ next month via Svart Records after a ten-year hiatus, and have just released their new single ‘Amen’!

Petrification is about to unleash their cosmic curses upon mankind via Svart Records on February 9th! And served up a first suckerpunch with the opening track ‘Twisted Visions of Creation’!

Night Fever has been delivering their Danish brand of K-Town hardcore since 2007 and are back now with their third album ‘Dead End’, set for release in February 2024 via Svart Records, their first after a ten-year hiatus!

Finnish doom-laden heavy metal project Graven Sin unleashed the 2nd single ‘Cult of Nergal’, from their upcoming debut album ‘Veil of The Gods’, set for release next month via Svart Records!

Album Reviews

U.S. death metal band Petrification returns with a brand-new album “Sever Sacred Light” out since February 9th via Svart Records. The album is recommended for fans who like their death metal obscure and old school.

Come on and shake your coffin to The Coffinshakers latest record, ‘Graves, Release Your Dead’, an insane mix of weird western, Halloween, psychobilly and Johnny Cash, out via Svart Records.

8 years after the near perfect ‘The Year is One’, one of the longest running Finnish doom acts Spiritus Mortis has returned with a new lineup and a fifth album ‘The Great Seal’, easing down a bit on the heavy doom riffery and replacing it with simply epic sounding heavy metal. Out on Svart Records since last Friday.

I Am The Night has mastered its craft on the first full-length album “While The Gods Are Sleeping” what we have here is a supreme embodiment of the Swedish and Norwegian trademarks.

After six funeral paced years the grandmasters of Finnish funeral doom have returned to the crematorium with their sixth full length ‘Companion’. Out via their countrymen of Svart Records

Like the drug, Opium Warlords’ “Nembutal” heals the listener of his or hers anxiety and leaves you sober and with an open mind.

Thirty years after Winter’s groundbreaking death doom debut ‘Into Darkness’, founding member, Stephen Flam, has penned its spiritual follow up with his new band, Göden, on ‘Beyond Darkness’.

Hexvessel have pulled a new set of songs from their sleeves for the new album ‘Kindred’. The best magical forest folk from Finland you can find…

With ‘Alloy’ Svart Records continues its quest to make all of Skepticism’s back catalogue available again.

By one of the many lakes in Finland, Jasmin Saarela, leading lady in psychedelic supernauts Jess & the Ancient ones, has written her first solo record ‘Under the Red Light Shine’. a hauntinly beautiful record full of soul and melancholy.


Samoht was clearly somewhat inspired by dark Americana and country inspired music looking at his albums of the year 2023 list featuring artists like Dorthia Cottrell, Osi and the Jupiter, Wayfarer and The Coffinshakers, but also massive albums by bands like Frozen Soul, Serpent’s Oath, SLOW, OAK, Smoulder and Bell Witch!

Some of our most anticipated released for May 2021, warning: there is way more exciting music being released, this is only a small selection…

A dozen of picks by our editorial team what they deem as the most anticipated releases of April 2021! Good stuff to be found here!