News Posts

French death/black outfit Necrowretch ride with the devil in new single ‘Dii Mauri’, another track from their upcoming album ‘Swords of Dajjal’, set for release next month via Season of Mist!

Norwegian progressive extreme metal outfit In Vain unleashed the powerful new single ‘Season of Unrest’, a taste of their upcoming new album ‘Solemn’, set to be released some time next year via Indie Recordings!

VoidCeremony announced their upcoming album ‘Threads Of Unknowing’ to be released in April via 20 Buck Spin and shared a first single with ‘Writhing in the Facade of Time’!

Finnish melodic death/black outfit Se, Josta Ei Puhuta is back from the dead and unleashed a first single from their upcoming new album ‘Gehenna’!

Finnish symphonic extreme metal band Abstrakt releases another single in anticipation of the release of their new album!

Century Media tries to soften the blow of all the cancelled festivals by organizing a massive online Century Media “Isolation Festival”!

Thy Feeble Saviour have released a new track from their upcoming album, check it out here!

After a quite strong month with many releases by big names, it seems like February is more dedicated to the underground!

The year is getting close to its end, but there’s no slowing down the new releases!

Album Reviews

San Antonio-Texas-based death metal four-piece Haunter has sown the seeds of success in its third full-length album ‘Discarnate Ails’, out via Profound Lore Records.

“Saint Desecration” is dynamically fueled by the fires of hell this yet another great album by the Polish quartet Azarath!

‘Æequiizoiikum’ is an intense robotic foray into the sci-fi realms of the extra-terrestrial. With only six actual tracks Khthoniik Cerviiks are capable to get you all hooked on their outlandish trait.

Lantern accelerates beyond the spectrum of the usual patterns of old school death metal. This is a very highly recommended album.

Attunement to Death is a bit one-dimensional and the consistency of the new tracks proves that the trio has a deep principle to cavernous death metal.

Earth Rot implements a dynamic formula. And this what gives the songs a violent nature, as they twist their sounds from death to black metal.

The UK black/death outfit Lvcifyre delivers an EP of their hellish music with consistant chaos.

Altarage doesn’t intend to create any beauty when it comes to music instead they approach metal with extreme methods of deformity.