Invocation – Attunement to Death

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Each year the Latin American underground scene seems to expand with more new bands that offer a raw standard of brutal death metal. Within the list of Southern American bands such as Mystifier, Sarcofago, Dominus Xul and Sepultura these legendary bands have influenced the entire scene since the late ’80s. Some of the best death metal bands come from this long established tradition in countries like Brazil, Mexico, and Chile. The dominion of the brutal death and atmospheric metal acts such as The Chasm, Unaussprechlichen Kulten, Death Vomit, Ripper and many more emphasize on these aspects.

Chilean based death/black metal outfit Invocation is yet another example of the potential of this scene. Their second EP ‘Attunement to Death‘ is now out via Iron Bonehead Productions. Formed in the year 2015 in Valparaiso – Chile the band is comprised of Sense of Clairvoyance (bass), Sense of Clairaudience (drums) and Sense of Premonition (guitar, vocals).  In a span of five years Invocation released their first single ‘Emanations‘ in 2016, a year later the band released their first demo and it was later followed by an EP ‘The Mastery of the Unseen‘. ‘Attunement to Death‘ offers five tracks that are molded in the cavernous style of death metal with the tremolo effect that evokes the style of black metal.

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The trio transforms their music into a hellish inferno of primeval darkness. The EP begins with a short creeping intro of distant noises and deep inhales and exhales where the occult influences pervade the sound of the Chilean trio. The conspicuous demonstration of occult death metal accentuates the second track ‘Flying Ointments‘. Once the guitar emanates the tremolo pickings the heaviness of the riffs and the blasting drums forms an evil atmosphere. Invocation crawls out from the dark realms of Latin America death metal and offers a demonic force of cacophony. The EP conveys their devastating style of cavernous death metal by churning the demonic atmosphere.  

Invocation incorporates a similar shift in blast beats that reminds me of Incantation and Drawn and Quartered. However, the newest EP grants the listener with pure old school riffing. The demonic resonance of the growls and the rhythmic guitars are measured by the meticulous performance of the trio. Invocation is fiercely brutal and the intense hammering of the drums adds a variation in the mid-tempo. ‘Divine Transition‘ begins with a mid-tempo pace until the full focus becomes concentrated on the tremolo pickings, yet with each passing moment, the drumming becomes frantic.

Wild demonic growls and screams contrast with the churning atmosphere of the guitar, the frequent shifts from slow tempos to fast-paced tempos are nicely maintained. The instrumentation creates a thick wall of sound from the heavy bass lines that pulsate along with the striking guitars and the heavy drum beats. ‘Attunement to Death‘ is a bit one-dimensional and the consistency of the new tracks proves that the trio has a deep principle to cavernous death metal. The EP is an excellent mixture of visceral old school death metal, although I must say that the most brutal and intense part on the EP is the riffing part and the deep haunting growls. Other dominating senses which surround the tracks are perceived through the feel of premonition and clairaudience.

‘The Officiants’ is my personal favorite track and it begins with a meticulous display of tremolo pickings. The rhythmic effect of the guitar and the blast beats create a demonic feel throughout the EP. The riffs on this track are memorable and the interplay of the bass guitar in the mid-tempo shows the talent of these Chilean maniacs. All the five tracks are restless and brutal at the same time. ‘Attunement to Death’ is a great mixture of old school death metal. There is a stunning and natural ability and flexibility to create many haunting moments. For example, the final track Secrets Tongues broods over the gloomy occult atmosphere.

The band offers 31:00 minutes of demonic intensity where the biggest influence comes from acts such as Incantation. Invocation can be distinguished among the many bands from Latin America and this EP is only the beginning of their triumphant onset to something immense. This latest effort from the Chilean trio should be appreciated by the fans, and hopefully, we see them debuting their first full-length album sometime in the near future. This is one of the best EP’s to surface out in 2020 so if you like bands such as Incantation, Drawn and Quartered then you must check out this EP.

Release Date: February 21st, 2020
Label: Iron Bonehead Productions
Track list:

  1. Oppression
  2. Flying Ointments
  3. Divine Transition
  4. The First Mirror
  5. The Officiants
  6. Secret Tongues


  • Music8/10
  • Lyrics/Vocals8/10
  • Production8/10
  • Artwork8/10
  • Originality8/10
8Invocation can be distinguished among the many bands from Latin America and this EP is only the beginning of their triumphant onset to something immense.
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