Album Reviews

Suppression’s debut ‘The Sorrow of Soul Through Flesh’ sees the Chilean band incorporating an array of elements from technical death and thrash metal that falls under the same ilk as bands like Ripper.

Inanna makes a successful return to its cosmic realm of death metal with its third full-length album ‘Void of Unending Depths’ which establishes a creative era for the Chilean quartet and comes highly recommended for fans of Blood Incantation, Sulphur Aeon and The Chasm.

Attunement to Death is a bit one-dimensional and the consistency of the new tracks proves that the trio has a deep principle to cavernous death metal.

Coffin Curse offers much diversity along with the retro fashion style of the Floridian death metal.

“Teufelsbücher” is very brutal and ambiguous album. Rightfully mastered by the Chilean occultists of Unaussprechlichen Kulten who has released another massive record inspired by the Lovecraftian mythos.