Releases to Look Forward to… February 2018

Every year and every month there is loads of rock, industrial and metal that is getting released. Just in case you’d be missing a good one, we’ll be trying to keep you on track by selecting a bunch of releases to remind you of every month! Warning: the dates of release might change still, so if the album doesn’t get released that day after all… don’t shoot the messenger! The festival season is over, so time to ramp up the amount of releases coming our way. And there are some good ones this month…

February 2nd

Hautajaisyö Matkalla Kohti HautaaMelodic Death MetalInverse Records
AmorLove vs Logic Hard RockArising Empire
AlwaidThe Machine and the BeastMelodic MetalSonic Rendezvous
ApparitionThe AwakeningGothicWormholedeath
Long Distance CallingBoundlessPost-RockInsideout Music
Genocide PactOrder of TormentDeath MetalRelapse Records
SaxonThunderboltHeavy MetalSilver Lining Music

February 9th

RumahoyThe Triumph of PiracyPagan/Pirate MetalNapalm Records
Mark DeutromThe Silent Treatment (2000)Alternative RockSeason of Mist
AlkaloidThe Malkuth Grimoire (re-issue)Extreme Progressive MetalSeason of Mist
PaaraRiittiBlack MetalVicisolum Productions
The UglyThanatologyBlack MetalVicisolum Productions
Sex DumpsterLord AlcoholBlack Metalindependent
Gnaw Their TonguesGenocidal MajestyNoise DroneConsouling Sounds
GodWattNecropolisStoner/Doom MetalJolly Rogers Records
The RazThe RazRock ‘n’ RollRockshot Records
ERDVEVaitojimasExperimental Hardcore SludgeSeason of Mist
Don BrocoTechnologyAlternative RockSharptone Records
Mind EnemiesRevengeMelodic Progressive Metalindependent
Franz FerdinandAlways AscendingIndie Rock/New Wave/Dance-PunkColumbia Records

February 16th

VerikalpaTaistelutahtoFolk/Troll MetalInverse Records
Harakiri For The SkyArsonPost-BlackAOP Records
NovaReignLegendsProgressive Power MetalM-Theory Audio
ThaurorodCoast of GoldPower MetalDRAKKAR
Letzte InstanzMorgenlandGothic MetalAFM
Feed The RhinoThe SilenceHardcore/MetalCentury Media Records
Senses FailIf There Is Light, It Will Find YouRockPure Noise Records
AsenblutLegendenMelodic Death MetalAFM
EktomorfFuryThrash MetalAFM
Sainted SinnersBack With A VengeanceRock ‘n’ RollEl Puerto Records
MiracleThe Strife of Love in a DreamProgressive Post-RockRelapse Records
Windhand/Satan’s SatyrssplitDoom MetalRelapse Records
The Plot In YouDisposeMetalcoreFearless Records
Nate BohnetTherapeutic DestructionMelodic Groovyself-release
OverhungMoving AheadRockTest Your Metal Records
ThornhillButterfly EPMetalcoreUNFD
Letters From The ColonyVignetteProgressive Extreme MetalNuclear Blast Records
Visions of AtlantisThe Deep & The DarkMelodic/Symphonic Power MetalNapalm Records
Pop EvilPop EvilHard Rock/MetalcoreeOne
American NightmareAmerican NightmareHardcoreRise Records

February 23rd

NecrophobicMark of the NecrogramDeath/Black MetalCentury Media Records
Chris BayChasing the SunRockSteamhammer/SPV
PoemUniqueProgressive MetalVisicolum Productions
HyborianHyborian Vol. 1 (re-issue)Stoner MetalSeason of Mist
Templeton PekWatching the World Come UndonePower MetalDRAKKAR
MaudlinSassuma ArnaaProgressive MetalConsouling Sounds
Outshine1313Melodic Gothic MetalGain Music/Sony
Ignore The SignA Line To CrossRockSteamhammer/SPV
Armored DawnBarbarians in BlackHeavy/Power MetalAFM
We Have The MoonTill The Morning ComesPartycoreRockshot Records
Dimmu BorgirInterdimensional Summit EPSymphonic Black MetalNuclear Blast Records
Deströyer 666Call of the Wild EPBlack/Thrash MetalSeason of Mist
Tengger CavalryCian BiPagan MetalNapalm Records
TurnstileTime & SpaceHardcoreRoadrunner Records
Thy AntichristWrath of the BeastBlack MetalNapalm Records
MegaherzKometIndustrial MetalNapalm Records
Shiraz LaneCarnival DaysHard Rock/GlamFrontiers

February 28th

GalvanizerSanguine VigilDeath MetalEverlasting Spew Records

That’s all folks! See you next month!



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