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Blackened progressive metal group Vintersea to reissue debut album

Blackened progressive outfit Vintersea is about to re-issue their debut album with their present label! Check it out!

Blackened progressive metal group Vintersea unveils “Befallen” music video

Vintersea releases another music video into the world for the track 'Befallen', from their latest release 'Illuminated'! Check it out!

French melodic hardcore band Stinky signs with M-Theory Audio

French hardcore band Stinky is ready to rip it up with a brand new records and even a tour all the way in Japan! Check out the details here!

Santa Cruz – Katharsis

Santa Cruz is back with a new line-up and a new sound. You can read the review of 'Katharsis' here.

White Wizzard – Infernal Overdrive

Have a nice seat and listen to the story White Wizzard brings with their album 'Infernal Overdrive'.

Novareign – Legends

This is one hell of a debut album. It has the classic power metal vibes: fast solo’s solid riffs and great, strong vocals by lead singer David Marquez.

Releases to Look Forward to… February 2018

After a quite strong month with many releases by big names, it seems like February is more dedicated to the underground!

White Wizzard releases new video for “Infernal Overdrive”, a track from their upcoming album

American heavy metallers White Wizzard are going to blast you away with a high paced heavy metal album in absolute "overdrive"!