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Finnish goth rock outfit Lamori presented their new single & video ‘Requiem’ from the soon via Wormholedeath to be released new album ‘Neon Blood Fire’!

Finnish heavy metal sensation Ratbreed dropped new video single ‘Master of Deception’ in anticipation of a new album to be released via Wormholedeath!

Finnish thrash metal outfit Ceaseless Torment unleashed the track ‘Sons of Sodom’ upon the world in anticipation of their new album ‘Victory or Death’, out on September 30 via Wormholedeath!

Belgian extreme metal outfit Fear Disease signed with Wormholedeath for the release of their debut full-length ‘Floodgates’ in September this year!

Belgian heavy metal outfit Cult Of Scarecrow releases another new track from their upcoming new album ‘Tales of the Sacrosanct Man’ through a lyric video!

The Belgian heavy metal outfit Cult of Scarecrow signed with Wormholedeath for the release of their upcoming full-length!

Reject The Sickness unleashed yet another heavy as fuck single upon the world, a track from their upcoming album!

Finnish heavy metal outfit Arched Fire unleash a lyric video for ‘Wormhole’, a track from their upcoming album ‘Remote Control’!

Album Reviews

Join the Cult of Scarecrow on their debut full length ‘Tales of the Sacrosanct Man’ for some groove fueled grungy heavy metal, out now on Wormholedeath.

Put on your bullet belt and thrash like its 1984! Lethal Injury strike hard with their first thrashing full-length. Old school yet New school, and very heavy!

Some very fine music is coming from Austria now! Irdorath with their third album “Denial of Creation” pushes everything away.

Female fronted modern metal from the lands of Ukraine.


Some of our most anticipated released for May 2021, warning: there is way more exciting music being released, this is only a small selection…