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Finland’s classic heavy metal heroes Satan’s Fall are set to release their new studio album ‘Destination Destruction’ in November via Steamhammer/SPV!

The German thrash metal legends Sodom killed it recently at Alcatraz Music and Hellsinki Metal Festival, and have now announced to be releasing their new EP ‘1982’ via SPV/Steamhammer in November, a celebration of their beginnings!

Last week, NYC metal icons Prong announced their upcoming new album ‘State of Emergency’ to be released in October via Steamhammer/SPV and unleashed a first single with ‘Non-Existence’! Catch them live on their “European Summer Clashes 2023” tour which starts this Friday at Alcatraz, or on their tour in November with Life of Agony!

The hard rockers of John Diva and The Rockets Of Love are set to bring the 80s back once more with their upcoming new album ‘Back In The Days’, set for release via Steamhammer/SPV in March 2023!

Finnish heavy metal outfit Satan’s Fall signed with the legendary label Steamhammer/SPV for the release of their upcoming album!

Sodom got recently reformed, but they’re about to show you that they’re still able to kick your sorry little ass with a soon to be released EP!

Europe, get ready to be rock ‘n’ rolled by the best: Supersuckes is coming your way!

After a quite strong month with many releases by big names, it seems like February is more dedicated to the underground!

Album Reviews

With the newest album, Sodom rides the maelstrom of violence, “Genesis XIX” is yet another worthy album added to the band’s extending catalog.

Classic metal band Anvil is ready to release a new pounding record to the world. Quality heavy metal at its best.

Night Demon

Night Demon doubles the fun, while Darkness Remains!

Jag Panzer makes a comeback after 4 years with a brand new album. Check out how this experiment of them turned out.

The new PRONG-Album “ZERO DAYS” is another monster of an album, another step towards refining the perfect PRONG-Sound and another album that lacks any filler or lacklustre moment.