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Third month of the year, March holds some really promising releases… get ready for this!

After a quite strong month with many releases by big names, it seems like February is more dedicated to the underground!

Ready to empty that wallet?


Annet’s favorite albums of the year 2023 involve a mix of punk rock and modern metal, bringing in loads of emotions going from deep and intense, to fun and light with albums from Green Day, Enter Shikari, Hexa Mera, Chris Maragoth, Powerwolf, Nanowar of Steel, Angus McSix, Blink-182, Gloryhammer and Bury Tomorrow!

Album Reviews

Blink-182’s new album ‘One More Time’ brings you straightforward power chords, clean vocals and pure punk rock. Varying between different paces and energies, this will be youth sentiment taking you back a couple of decades for many people among us. Released via Columbia Records!

For the first time in almost 10 years Evanescence puts out new music. Get ready to jam to this heavy hitting masterpiece.

Nine turned out to be a more modern pop influenced rock album. Totally different than the stuff they did before.