Releases to look forward to… March 2017

Every year and every month there is loads of rock, industrial and metal that is getting released. Just in case you’d be missing a good one, we’ll be trying to keep you on track by selecting a bunch of releases to remind you of every month! Warning: the dates of release might change still, so if the album doesn’t get released that day after all… don’t shoot the messenger!

A small change in this month’s overview: since it seems that this month is overflowing with releases, we’ll be putting the releases in simple lists per week to make it more easy to find what you’re looking for!

March 3rd

Blaze BayleyEndure and Surviveheavy metalBlaze Bayley Recordings
JuniusEternal Rituals For The Accretion Of Lightpost-metal / art rockProsthetic Records
WolfheartTyhjyyswinter metalSpinefarm Records
Svart CrownAbreactionblackened death metalCentury Media Records
Cirith GorgorBi Den Dode Hant EP
black metalHammerheart Records
VitjaDigital Loverock / metalCentury Media Records
Viper ArmsBlack AurarockConcorde Music Company
Black MirrorsFunky QueenrockNapalm Records
Danko JonesWild Cathard rock / rock ‘n’ rollAFM Records

March 10th

CelladorOff The Gridpower metalScarlet Records
HavokConformicidethrash metalCentury Media Records
Damnation PlanReality Illusionmelodic death metalindependent
Senses FailIn Your Absence EPacousticPure Noise Records

March 17th

FenWinteratmospheric black metalCode666 Records
DodecahedronKwintessensblack metal/avant-gardeSeason of Mist
Turmion KätilötDance Paniqueindustrial metalOsasto-A Records
ObituaryObituarydeath metalRelapse Records
Depeche ModeSpiritsynthpop/electronic rockColumbia Records
The Charm The FuryThe Sick, Dumb & HappymetalcoreNuclear Blast Records
Happily Ever BlindPseudohappinesrockSecret Entertainment
ReplacireDo Not Deviatedeath metalSeason of Mist

March 24th

Art of AnarchyThe Madnesshard rockAnother Century
MemoriamFor The Fallendeath metalNuclear Blast Records
PallbearerHeartlessdoom metalNuclear Blast Records
Steel PantherLower The Barglam metal / sleaze rock
CreeperEternity, In Your Armshorror punk / punk rockRoadrunner Records
Steve HackettThe Night Sirenprogressive rockInsideOutMusic
Damnations DayA World Awakensmelodic prog/power metalSensory Records
Brother FiretribeSunboundAORSpinefarm Records

March 31st

NightrageThe Venomousmelodic death metalDespotz Records
Demon HunterOutlivegroove/heavy metalSolid State
MastodonEmperor of Sandprogressive metal/rockReprise Records
SinnerTequila Suicideheavy metalAFM Records
Body CountBloodlustrap metal/hardcore punkCentury Media Records
White WillowFuture Hopesart rockThe Laser’s Edge


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