News Posts

Cruz Del Sur Music is honored to announce the signing of Canadian Tonnerre, and the release of their debut album ‘La Nuit Sauvage’ in April 2024!

Canadian heavy metal outfit Lutharo announced their new album ‘Chasing Euphoria’ to be released next year via Atomic Fire Records and shared the new single ‘Time To Rise’ to celebrate! Get ready for some serious headbanging!

Québecois black metal elite Délétère revealed the new track ‘Foutredieu’, the first from their highly anticipated third album ‘Songe d’une Nuit Souillée’, set for release on November 24th via Sepulchral Productions!

Kapitur shared a new video for ‘Nature Morte’, the opening track of their recently released debut EP ‘Covered in Dust’, showing off the heavy, ethereal and atmospheric blend of black metal and classical music!

Canadian black metal band Arach unleashes infernal horror homage ‘Hell on Halloween’, with a matching video that is an unholy composition paying tribute to horror icons like Leatherface, Jason Voorhees, Freddy Krueger, Pinhead and The Lost Boys!

Massive Scar Era shared a video for the song ‘Oblivious’ with a traditional Egyptian Arabic orchestra, really honing down on that genre defining sound that comes on her upcoming EP ‘Metal Goes Egyptian’, out next month!

Worship the thrash coven of ‘The Serpent’s Cycle’ in the new video for the title track of Hyperia’s upcoming album, set for release next month via SAOL!

Canadian thrash metal titans Aggression unleashed the first song ‘Circus Of Deception’ from the upcoming album ‘Frozen Aggressors’, set for release in December via Massacre Records!

Canadian heavy metal sensations Lutharo released the new digital single ‘Born To Ride’ and set the race track on fire in the hilarious music video! Out via Atomic Fire Records!

Ontario, Canada metal band Atria unleashed a new video for the track ‘Ground Zero’, coming from their recently released EP, in anticipation of their upcoming shows at the end of this month and in the beginning of next month!