News Posts

Canadian extreme metal outfit Unbowed unleashed another single from the upcoming album ‘Colour The Soul’ with the track ‘The Holy Momentum’!

The heavy metal ‘n’ roll dark madcap visionaries collectively known as AVATAR will return to North America this summer for a headline tour!

Canadian metalcore powerhouse announced their upcoming new album and unleashed a first single and music video!

Toronto heavy metal outfit Skull Fist unleash a first track from their upcoming new album ‘Paid in Full’!

Montreal’s extremists Fall of Stasis unleash another track from their upcoming album ‘The Chronophagist’ with ‘Baal Arise’!

Toronto heavy metallers Skull Fist have officially signed with Atomic Fire Records for the release of their next full-length in April!

Heavy rock outfit The Veer Union unleashed a bombastic video for their latest single ‘Standing My Ground’!

Symphonic black outfit Fall of Stasis are setting up the release of their debut full-length and share the first track/video ‘The Cult’!

Sumo Cyco unleashes their new single ‘Sun Eater’ in celebration of the announcement of the deluxe version of their latest album ‘Initiation’!

SATE is back with another powerful song from her upcoming album ‘The Fool’!

Album Reviews

Pure Voivod, that is what ‘Syncro Anarchy’ is all about. Dark, wacky songs. This sonic monster takes you on an unusual ride.

Heavy music, creative lyrics and melodic vocals mixed with hardcore screams is just a preview of what Spiritbox brings to us on ‘Eternal Blue’.

Galactic Quarantine brings die hard fans of Devin Townsend a sci-fi experience supported by a selection from his huge back catalog.

Starlight Ritual’s full-length debut ‘Sealed in Starlight’ sounds as if it actually were sealed away in the eighties by some sorcerer only to be unearthed now 40 years later.

Canada’s melodeath mainstays Kataklysm are back with another banger of an album, not leaving a place in the world “Unconquered”!

Fuck the Facts is back with ‘Pleine Noirceur’. An album that mixes their trademark grindcore sound with an emotional aspect that really hits home.

The second EP of Held In Secret shows a lot of potential en mature lyrics. We will see more of these guys and hopefully an even bigger score.

Canadian outfit [Evertrapped] delivered an album with a typical melodic death metal sound that’ll please many fans of the genre. Check it out!

The debut album from Canada’s SYRYN boasts some classic power metal. Check it out!

The Agonist are back with another damn solid release that might catapult them into the higher regions of the metal world!