Canada’s Death Club release debut album ‘Betrayal’

Canadian modern metal 3-piece DEATH CLUB have released their debut album “Betrayal” along with a music video for the song “Bring Me Home”.

“This album was intended to empower anyone who has been let down by others, felt abandoned, or has experienced the desire for vengeance. Betrayal – being the concept and name of the album, expresses treachery through each song in its own unique way. Some are less obvious than others, as betrayal isn’t always so obvious. Sonically, we focused on super heavy riffs, effervescent grooves, pure density, and sharp hooks. If you are into modern metal, this is definitely an album you don’t want to miss out on.” – Dana Death (Vocalist/Guitarist)

Death Club‘s sound has been described as catchy, heavy, and groovy, drawing influences from modern heavy metal, deathcore, groove, and traditional rock music. What sets Death Club apart from all the bands in the local scene is their “Death doesn’t discriminate” policy, allowing fans of all metal genres to be included, and participate in Death Club. Using drop F as a standard guitar tuning, and traditional song arrangements, it’s not hard for the band to attain the super heavy sound they are known for, but still be accessible to every single person in the crowd.

Debut Album “Betrayal” out since March 28, 2024, via Boonsdale Records

Album order –
Spotify –

Track Listing:
1) Bring Me Home (3:52)
2) Dear Love (3:21)
3) In My Defense (3:55)
4) Feel Me Broken (4:58)
5) Murder You (3:27)
6) Betrayal (2:50)
7) You Should See Me In A Crown (3:05)
Album Length: (25:28)

Show Dates:
April 5 – The Spot – Newmarket, ON
April 19 – The Atria – Oshawa, ON
April 25 – Rum Runners – London, ON
May 1 – The Baby G – Toronto, ON
May 18 – Dundas & Sons – London, ON
May 31 – The Spot – Newmarket, ON
June 1 – The Doors Pub – Hamilton, ON

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