Melodic death metal outfit Rise To Fall release intense new single ‘Fire Haze’

Melodic death metal act RISE TO FALL has unveiled their latest, powerful single “Fire Haze”. The track was originally included as a bonus on the exclusive Japan edition of the group’s latest album “The Fifth Dimension” (2023, Noble Demon) and is now available to listeners worldwide.

Listen to “Fire Haze” HERE

Fire Haze has all the elements of Rise To Fall that will make you fall in love,” the band comments. “It is a song with a very melodic instrumental intro, it has a memorable Rise To Fall chorus and passages that mix strength and feeling. The break and solo of the song are super melodic and energetic, without a doubt it’s a song that you won’t be able to get out of your head any time soon, that mix of harmonies takes it to a new level!

Formed in 2006 in Bilbao in northern Spain, RISE TO FALL have established their well-deserved place within the metal scene over the past years. With a constant output and numerous live shows and festival appearances, RISE TO FALL have become known for delivering music of the highest level and their devastating live shows. With the release of five studio albums, the band has kept raising the bar, leading not only to numerous tours across Europe, but also headlining tours in Japan and China. The band’s latest album “The Fifth Dimension” is available at THIS LOCATION

Catch RISE TO FALL live on the following dates: 

Rise To Fall are:
Dalay Tarda – Vocals
Hugo Markaida – Guitar
Dann Hoyos – Guitar
Javier Martín – Bass
Xabier Del Val – Drums

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