News Posts

The lovely people of Ashbury Heights unleashed an uptempo synthpop banger with the new single and video ‘Is that your uniform’, out via Out of Line Music!

Los Angeles synth squad Glaare released the first new single ‘Young Hell’ of their upcoming album ‘Your Hellbound Heart’!

Havok & Puget came back together for a brand new release of Blaqk Audio, the electronic music alter ego of this duo!

The hottest unsigned band in the world finally got signed!

Ready to empty that wallet?

Festival Reports

The report of the 2nd day of Hellsinki Industrial 2021 with amazing performances that will be remembered for a while still.

Photo Reports

Pictures of a fantastic 2nd day at Hellsinki Industrial 2021 with Freak Injection, SynthAttack, State of the Union, Ashbury Heights and Covenant!

Album Reviews

Extremely catchy and fun synthpop music from Night Club, yet in it’s on very special way rather dark!

Synths, pop, geeking out, sci-fi and a punky “we don’t care what you think” attitude… enter Hatchling! Everything must be destroyed!

After shattering their own status as grandmasters of gothic doom a few years earlier with the groundbreaking, yet unorthodox ‘One Second’, they upped the ante and did away with their metal pedigree altogether on the daring, yet almost unanimously scorned ‘Host’.