Ashbury Heights release new single and video ‘Is That Your Uniform?’

Who needs norms? The glam pop band Ashbury Heights certainly doesn’t. Although band founder Anders Hagström is nowadays an eccentric wearer of suits, you will search in vain for conformism in his music. Because even after 15 years, the Swede can still surprise musically and with the new single “Is That Your Uniform?” he does it once again: uptempo synthpop with unusual dance tunes and a well-balanced amount of depressive euphoria convey a sense of elation and at the same time a degree of latent despair. Who is not looking for something unconventional, something that stands out from the uniformed masses and gets you out of the daily grind? At least musically, this dilemma is now solved. 

Listen to “Is That Your Uniform”

“What’s your uniform? It is the power of great music to open a space where we can be the people we want to be; the ideal versions of ourselves, incarnated in a blazing riff, a stirring hook, or glorious chorus. In that space, we can belong where our hearts desire. The uniform we long to wear, the role we were made to play; is made manifest in our meeting with that space. ‘Is That Your Uniform’ is about that meeting; when you hear the perfect tune, at the perfect time, and you get a sudden and powerful sense of purpose. A feeling of empowerment that lasts you all through the night.” 

After the release of the album “The Victorian Wallflowers”, Ashbury Heights returned with their first singer Yaz and new Future Pop hit singles for Goth and Electro fans. Watch ‘Spectres From the Black Moss’ here: again – the future remains exciting, and Ashbury Heights is among the leading acts.

Ashbury Heights:
Anders Hagström – Vocals, programming, production, songwriting

Live Members:
Johan Andersson – Keys, Guitars
Elliott Berlin – Keys, Guitars, Computers
Yasmine ‘Yaz’ Uhlin – Vocals

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