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Old school death metal veterans Memoriam present the first album trailer for their upcoming release!

Third month of the year, March holds some really promising releases… get ready for this!

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British death metal group Memoriam sets itself as one of the best death metal acts today and the fifth album “Rise To Power” delivers brutal war-like anthem riffs and triumphant choruses. This is definitely the band’s best album to date and comes highly recommended for fans of Benediction, Bolt Thrower and Paradise Lost. Released via Reaper Entertainment.

‘To the End’ is a powerful and consistent album. The whole performance sounds quite coherent. The song structure is seemingly collective with the constant elements of aggression and groove infused into the music.

Memoriam has delivered a powerful record and they are in the process to write their own legacy.

Bloodbath still sounds filthy, morbid and brutal with technical qualities, this is a perfect record for fans of rotten old school death metal!!!

Memoriam marches with leaps of vigour as they seem undaunted with the spirit of valour.


February has some great releases again, and we’re looking forward to albums from artists like Memoriam, In Flames, Paramore, dEUS, Mordkaul, Ulthar, Avatar, The Abbey, Insomnium, Host, Gorillaz and Heidevolk!

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