GRIMM’s Videoland (February 5th – 12th, 2017)

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GRIMM Gent aims to please. And we intend to do this by providing you an overview of the new music video releases of the past week. Who knows, maybe you missed something really cool… This reboot will be published every time just at the beginning of the new week, it could possibly give you some tunes to enjoy as a “pick me up” during or after work!
Welcome to Grimm’s Videoland 2.0!

[tabby title=”Nuclear Blast”]

Nuclear Blast kicked off their week with a video from their new recruits: Danish female fronted rock band Forever Still and Break the Glass from the album Tied Down. Try to catch them as support band for the upcoming Children of Bodom “20 years Down & Dirty” tour!

Memoriam, or what you could call a death metal super group, is releasing debut album For the Fallen on March 24th. The band is said to be formed as a tribute to the late Bolt Thrower drummer Martin “Kiddie” Kearns and gives us a first track with Surrounded by Death.

A recipe for darkness, brought by doom metal band The Doomsday Kingdom on A Spoonfull of Darkness, a track from their self-titled debut album. Doom lovers pay attention here, cause this is a musical project that sprang from the brain of “The Doomfather“, also known as Leif Edling, known for Candlemass, Avatarium and many other doom bands!

On March 31st sludge metal comes from Mantar through their EP The Spell and this week we got the title track for the heavy release!

[tabby title=”Relapse”]

Through Relapse Records the new self-titled album of death metal veterans Obituary will be released on March 17th, though we got a taste of the release already through Turned to Stone‘s lyric video!

Iron Reagan says fuck the neighbors with an awesome stop-motion animation clip. Get their album Crossover Ministry now!

[tabby title=”Fearless”]

If you got a taste for something lighter, you can turn to the pop punk of British As It Is. They released a video for Hey Rachel from the album okay, out now through Fearless Records.

American rock band Pierce The Veil reminds us of their recently released album Misadventures with a music video for Floral & Fading!

[tabby title=”AFM”]

Through AFM Records we get a few nice lines of female fronted heavy metal again through Polish Crystal Viper and the track When the Sun Goes Down from the album Queen of the Witches, out at the end of this week (February 17th)!

Pyogenesis is releasing their new album A Kingdom To Disappear on February 24th and gave us a taste already of their modern metal through the track I Have Seen My Soul.

[tabby title=”Season of Mist”]

Necrowretch unleashed some of their death/black metal on us with the title track for their forthcoming album Satanic Slavery, a release through Season of Mist!

[tabby title=”Prosthetic”]

On Prosthetic Records releases death metal on us through UK-based Venom Prison and their track Corrode the Black Sun from debut album Animus.

Without Waves delivers some calm in between all the heaviness that is going around this week with a video for Never Know Quite Why from the album Lunar.

[tabby title=”Napalm”]

Next week (February 24th) the epic death metal Romans of Ex Deo release their new album The Immortal Wars through Napalm Records and this week they gave us already a (possibly NSFW) video for The Roman!

[tabby title=”Sumerian”]

On Sumerian Records they showcased one of their talented bands by releasing 2 singles at once. American Sin is a hard rock/rock ‘n’ roll band that might remind people of a cross between Volbeat, Five Finger Death Punch and many other modern day metal bands!


For a hard rock/glam rock party with lots of sexy females and fun, turn to the dudes of Steel Panther… They’re always ready for a blast and will release Lower the Bar on March 24th. But to keep us satisfied while waiting on the slightly delayed album, we got the video for Poontang Boomerang!

That’s all folks! See you next week!