The Modern Age Slavery reveal official video for their cover version of Korn’s “Blind”


THE MODERN AGE SLAVERY just released their new studio-album “1901 I The First Mother”, which also included a unique cover version of the KORN classic “Blind”.

A band favorite, although KORN does not belong to the death metal strand.

“We just wanted to make a cover that would actually stand out since, differently from all the other tracks, it is not full The Modern Age Style. It is actually the first time we insert some clean vocals which are not in the background. We are all curious of what our listeners and friends will think about it…”, comments the band.

Order “1901 | The First Mother” in the physical format of your choice (CD digipak, bundle with the CD and an exclusive T-Shirt) here:

1901 | The First Mother tracklist:

01. Pro Patria Mori
02. KLLD
03. Irradiate All The Earth
04. The Hip
05. Lilibeth
06. Overture To Silence
07. OXYgen
08. Nytric
09. Victoria’s death
10. The Age Of Great Men
11. Blind (Korn cover)

Since forming in 2007, THE MODERN AGE SLAVERY have triumphed over their challenges. After the release of their demo, which was nominated “Demo of the Month” in Rock Hard Germany, they got signed to Napalm Records for the release of the debut album “Damned To Blindness” (2008). Thanks to significant acclaim from the metal world, THE MODERN AGE SLAVERY extensively toured across Europe both as headliners and as support act, joining the “Evisceration Plague Tour” featuring Cannibal Corpse, Dying Fetus & Obscura and the “Doomsday X Tour” featuring Malevolent Creation and Vomitory. The band also played selected shows with Fleshgod Apocalypse, Sepultura, Decapitated, Suicide Silence and more.

The release of the second album “Requiem For Us All” (2013) pushed their death metal war machine one step forward again, and brought the band on the road along with Gorgoroth, Vital Remains, Hypocrisy, plus many gigs on national soil. Four years later THE MODERN AGE SLAVERY released their third full-length “Stygian” after a line-up change, which signed a new chapter in the sound of the band, introducing black metal riffing, keyboards, atmospheres and orchestral elements. Released by Innerstrength Records, the album brought the band on tour around Europe, supporting Vader and Entombed A.D. in their “European Chaos Tour” 2018, as well as sharing stages with Jinjer, Decapitated, Incite, and recently they hit the road again, having played in big festivals with Slipknot, Sabaton and Behemoth.

The year of the corona-pandemic, when the music world was forced into a standstill, THE MODERN AGE SLAVERY focused on the writing and recording of their new piece of art, “1901 | The First Mother” which will see the light of the day in May 2023 on Fireflash Records.

Giovanni Berselli – vocals
Mirco Bennati – Bass
Luca Cocconi – Guitars
Ludovico Cioffi – Guitars
Federico Leone – Drums

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