Skinless release new song off of upcoming album


Skinless‘ new album is coming out on May 11th 2018 and today, they released the title track of Savagery. This will be Skinless‘ sixth studio album following 2015’s Only the Ruthless Remain. This is the second album since their hiatus, so the expectations are still high.

Relapse Records says:

Savagery embodies ten slabs of rotting, aural remains across 37 minutes of titanic slams, untouchable grooves, mauling riffs and blood-thirsty, bestial growls. Savagery sees Skinless at the top of their game, more than 25 years into an untouchable reign of terror.

1. Savagery
2. Siege Engine
3. Skull Session
4. Reversal of Fortune
5. Exacting Revenge
6. Medieval
7. Line of Dissent
8. Cruel Blade of the Guillotine
9. The Hordes
10. High Rate Extinction