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A new player on the female fronted symphonic metal market has come to the surface! Glasya from Portugal released a first single from the upcoming EP, so check it out.

A young band from the country of metal delivers on catchy & poppy symphonic metal… a nice addition to the modern metal roster!

Weekly list of the music video releases you might have missed out on!

Weekly list of the music video releases you might have missed out on!

Oh, what to buy?

Already 3 out of 8 names are released for next edition!

Yesterdag Aleah Liane Stanbridge passed away after her brave fight with cancer. She was 39 years old. Alot of people might not immediately recognise her name, but she has contributed to various songs of Amorphis and Swallow The Sun since 2009. She also released a solo album in 2007 containing songs which combined folk and gothic […]

Album Reviews

Arkona released Khram in January, check out our opinion here!

Power house Arch Enemy delivers with album number 10 the “Will to Power”, a release that both sounds surprising and like we’ve heard it before…

Top notch symphonic metal from Spain.

The Funky Queen is coming to get you!

Domingo Smets introduces us to his new symphonic metal band Elusion

Wonderful German symphonic metal!

Dim Days of Dolor album cover

Prepare yourselves for some overwhelming bombast!

High quality product from Ukraine, check it out!

Female fronted modern metal from the lands of Ukraine.

Old school thrash with touches of death from Brazil…

Gig Reports

Lacuna Coil brought Cellar Darling and a touch of Christmas spirit to Belgium and we were there!

We got to chance to join CoB and their fans in Helsinki, celebrating 20 years of “Lake Bodom”!

Photo Reports

Arch Enemy came to Helsinki to showcase their latest album “Will to Power” and brought with them Ukrainian powerhouse Jinjer!

We had the chance to celebrate their 20 year anniversary at their hometown Helsinki, in The Circus. Check the gig pics we got from Children of Bodom, Forever Still and Oni!

Photo Coverage of Headbanger’s Balls Fest 2017


We talked with vocalist Maja Shining about touring, their music, inspiration and being empowering to women and girls in the music business!