Children of Bodom “20 Years Down & Dirty” (The Circus, Helsinki)

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Last summer we talked with Jaska Raatikainen, drummer of the highly popular Children of Bodom, at Tuska Open Air about their upcoming 20th birthday. He told us back then there were plans to possibly do a celebration tour on which they might play their debut album “Something Wild” from start to finish. For the whole talk, go here. They actually embarked on such a tour and baptized it “20 Years Down & Dirty”. Having toured throughout most of Europe, on April 6th they struck down at The Circus in Helsinki to play a homecoming gig as the last stop of their anniversary tour. It couldn’t be more fitting and we knew we just had to be there to celebrate with the band and their fans, bringing you a look at what has to be one of the parties of the year in case you couldn’t be there… With them they bring the Danish alternative metal/rock band Forever Still and Canadian progressive death metal/djent outfit Oni. Here are the pics we got from that night and go check out our full report on the site!

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